There are few things as comforting as the notion of having a guardian angel. Bring that sense of comfort to your little one every day of their life by giving them one of these baby names that mean guardian angel. Each name is unique and delightful — just like your new baby. Take a look!

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  • Ananiel Ananiel is an archangel in some versions of the Hebrew Bible. Ananiel means “rain of God” and was the angel of plants, trees, rain, summer, and winter. In some traditions, Ananiel is a fallen angel.
  • AngelAngel means “messenger of God, angel” and refers to a type of guardian spirit that is a servant of heaven. In Judeo-Christian and Muslim theology, there are nine types of angels that all serve a different purpose.
  • ArielAriel means “lion of God”. In the Hebrew Bible, Ariel is the leader of the exiles in Jerusalem. Ariel can also be spelled Arial, Arielle, and Ariella.
  • Buglem Buglem is a Turkish name that means “angel that heralds the heaven”. Buglem is a truly unique name in the US with a lovely, angelic meaning.
  • Calesete Calesete is an uncommon French name that means “heavenly”. It refers to the celestial realm where angels are said to reign.
  • Cupid Cupid was originally the Roman god of erotic love, but the figure has been popularized as the angel of love in pop culture. Cupid is a popular figure associated with Valentine’s Day.
  • Devi Devi means “like an angel” or “like a god”. Devika is a strictly feminine form of the name.
  • Dinah Dinah means “delicate” or “judged”. Dinah is a unisex name from the Hebrew Bible but also of Greek and English origin.
  • EdenEden is the name of the garden of paradise in the Book of Genesis in the Hebrew Bible. Eden means “delight”.
  • Haniel Haniel means “joy of God” and is the name of an archangel. Haniel can shorten to Hana or Hani for a cute nickname.
  • Ingram Ingram is a Germanic surname that means “angel raven”. It likely traces back to the Norse god Ing. Ing, also called Freyr, was the god of kingship, fertility, peace, good weather, and prosperity.
  • JannahJannah is an Arabic name that means “heavenly, paradise”. It is also an uncommon feminine variation of the name John, meaning “God is gracious”.
  • JavanJavan is thought to be the guardian angel of Greece. The name is the Hebrew term for the country of Greece.
  • Jophiel Jophiel is the guardian angel of understanding and wisdom. The name means “God is my beauty”.
  • MicahMicah means “who is like God?” and is a unisex adaptation of the name Michael. Don't be fooled, though; Micah isn’t a modern adaptation as the name can also be found in the Bible as a masculine name.
  • Mitra Mitra is a Hindu god of the sun, truth, and friendship. The name means “protective force, friend”. Although the name was originally masculine it has started to grow in popularity as a feminine name, too.
  • Muriel Muriel is a vintage name that means “of the bright sea”. Muriel is the guardian angel of travelers. It was popular at the beginning of the 20th-century in the US but hasn’t been in the top 1000 baby names since 1965.
  • Phanuel Phanuel is one of the archangels in some traditions. Phanuel, meaning “the face of God”, is the guardian angel of those that have repented and who would inherit eternal life.
  • Raziel Raziel is a Hebrew angel and guardian of Jewish mysticism. The name means “God is my mystery”.
  • Sariel Sariel is the name of one of the seven archangels. Sariel means “command of God” and is an angel of healing and benevolence. Sariel is a variant spelling of Zerachiel.
  • Tenshi Tenshi is a Japanese name meaning “angel”. As a nickname, Tenshi refers to someone who is cute and adorable.
  • Tien Tien is a Vietnamese name that means “fairy” or “angel”. While traditionally feminine in Vietnam, Tien is considered unisex in the US.
  • Tyrael Tyrael means “angel of justice” and is a minor angel in some traditions. Tyrael is also the name of a major recurring character in the “Diablo” series of video games.
  • YaelYael is a unisex name from the Hebrew Bible. The name means “ibex, mountain goat”. Yael, spelled Jael in some translations, was a heroine and chosen of God in the Book of Judges.
  • Zabaniya Zabaniya is one of the angels who guard the underworld and punish sinners. The name means “bringer of souls to torment”. It is a pretty name with a dark meaning.

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