Boys are little balls of energy… FAST energy! Capture that notion by giving your son one of these boy names that mean fast. Each is unique and handsome — take a look!

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  • AbelThe name Abel has many different origins around the world. It stands for quickness and healthiness. Abel is traditionally a biblical name. Able can be used for an alternative spelling of the name.
  • Alphonso This is an English name that stands for quickness and nobility. Alphonzo and Alfonso are variations in spelling.
  • Altair This is a traditional Arabic name. It stands for the eagle and quick mannerisms. Altare is a variation of the spelling.
  • Apce This name means a quick or fast boy. It has its heritage in Jamaican culture.
  • Ari This name is traditionally Hebrew in origin. It means a fast person and has references to powerful lions. Aristos and Aristotle are both variations of Ari. Aristotle was famously known for his philosophical and scientific capabilities.
  • Arnan Arnan is a name of Hebrew origin. It references a male who is both filled with joyfulness and is quick in nature. Arnan has references to biblical times.
  • BoazThis Hebrew name means quick. It also denotes a male that is strong. Boaz is traditionally a biblical name. A man with this name is mentioned in the Bible as being very wealthy.
  • Celerino This name stands for fastness and inquisitiveness. It is rooted in Latin origins. Lerino is an alternative spelling of Celerino.
  • Dadhikra This name means quickness and is of Indian origin. It also can reference the sun or a horse.
  • Dahy Dahy is a traditional Irish name. This male name stands for both agility and speed. Dahey can be an alternative spelling.
  • DashThis name is typically English in origin. It signifies great energy and quickness. Dasher and Dashing can be additional variations of Dash.
  • Ettore This is a wonderful Italian name for a boy. It denotes quickness and one who is loyal to others. Hector is a different variation of this name.
  • Evinrude This name sounds modern, but it has ties to Norwegian culture. It is a powerful name for a male and means rapid. There is a boat motor company that has this name for its corporation.
  • Javin Javin can be spelled Javan or Javon as well. It has both Hebrew and Hindu origins and stands for swiftness, quickness.
  • Porsche This name has German origins. Porscha can be another variation of spelling for this name. The name denotes speediness. There are very fast cars that are produced bearing this namesake.
  • Raghu Raghu has a Hindu or Indian origin and means fast. It was the name of one of Buddha’s offspring. Ragu can be an alternative spelling of the name.
  • Recene Recene is traditionally an Anglo-Saxon name. It means a boy who acts very quickly.
  • Remus Remus is a traditional Latin name that signifies speed. It also means to be successful in life. This name has clear ties to Roman mythology. There is a company bearing this name that produces motorcycle exhausts.
  • RykerRyker denotes someone who is wealthy and has a fast stride about them. The name is traditionally of German heritage. Riker is an alternative spelling of the name.
  • Sherwin Sherwin is a traditional British name. It means a boy who can run fast and is very intelligent. Sherwyn is another variation of Sherwin. Sherwin Williams is a very popular paint company.
  • Skeet This name is Old Norse in origin. It means a quick boy. Skeets, Skeats and Skeeter are different spelling variations of the name. Skeet Ulrich was a very famous actor.
  • Spritz This name is likely of German origin. It means someone who runs very expeditiously.
  • Usain Usain is of Arabic origin. It can reference a fast runner and also stands for handsomeness. Usain Bolt is a famous runner who is incredibly quick. He ran in the Olympics.
  • Wings Wings is of Old English origin and literally stands for speed and quickness. Wing can be another way to spell this name.
  • Xun Of traditional Chinese origin, this name signifies a speedy boy. Hsun can be another variation of the spelling.

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