Expecting a little girl? Check out this list of girl names that mean fast and set the stage for a quick-witted, efficient-minded life for your sweet daughter. From Deanne to Constance to Vanessa and beyond, each of these options are delightful, feminine and unique. Take a look!

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  • Aella This name has its origin in Greek culture. It stands for quickness and energy. The name is referenced in Greek mythology.
  • Amaira This name stands for fastness and immortality and is an Arabic name. Another variation of the spelling is Amairah.
  • Ashauntae Ashauntae means both quickness and luck. It has its origins in African culture. Ashawntee is another variation of the spelling.
  • Ashleyann This name has both English and Hebrew origins. It stands for a joyful, quick girl. Ashley Ann is another variation in spelling.
  • CamillaThis name has many different cultural origins and means quick. It also has a connotation of perfectness. Camille or Camila are two additional variations of Camilla.
  • ConstanceIn addition to denoting fastness, Constance or Connie also means someone who stands their ground. This name has a Latin origin. Constance of Aragon was known to be the famous queen of Hungary.
  • Deanne Deanne has Old English origins and stands for quickness. It also has ties to elegance and grace. Deanna is another variation of Deanne.
  • DiannaThere are many ways to spell this name that contains English roots. Diane, Dian and Di are just some variations. The name is known to stand for a quick or swift girl. The famous and gracious Princess of Wales was also named Diana.
  • Enika Enika is an Indian name. It means a girl who is very bright and quick. Anika is a second variation of Enika.
  • Fleta Fleta means speediness and has Old English origins. Flyta is another variation in the spelling of the name.
  • Halah This name is from Arabic tradition. It represents speediness and friendship. Halo and Hailey are additional variations of the name.
  • Harpee This name means quick and also symbolizes the eagle. It is Indian in origin.
  • Komya Komya is traditionally an Indian name. The name stands for fastness and peacefulness in nature.
  • MairaThis name has both Hebrew and Irish backgrounds. It stands for a good-hearted, quick individual. The alternative spelling is Mayra.
  • Merlene Of British origin, the name Merlene means a swift person. Certain birds hold reference to this name. Merlena can also be chosen as a variation in the spelling.
  • Mikil This is traditionally a Hawaiian name. The name references a quick, light-footed individual. Mikelle or Mickelle are also beautiful variations of Mikil.
  • Min Min is a traditional Chinese name, but it also has Korean origins. It relates to both speediness and sensitivity.
  • Presta Presta can be of either Italian or Spanish origin. The name signifies speediness. Prestah is another variation in the spelling.
  • StellaThis name stands for a quick star. It has both Italian and Latin origins and is vintage in nature. Ztella is another variation of Stella.
  • Teji Teji is Hindu in origin. It stands for beautiful light and fastness.
  • Tivri This name is traditionally Indian. It stands for a girl who is fast, generous and strong.
  • Tvarika This beautiful name is of Indian origin and means a fast person. The name Tvarika also stands for a successful individual.
  • VanessaVanessa has both Greek and Latin origins. It means to be swift, like a speedy butterfly flying through the air. Vanessa Williams is a very noteworthy American singer.
  • VivianVivian has its origins in Latin culture. It can stand for new life, energy and quickness. Viviana is another variation of Vivian.
  • Yaletha This name of American origins stands for quickness. The name Yaletha also means helper by nature.

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