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The baby name Cody sounds like a nickname, but it has been a standalone name for decades. It began as a modern surname in Ireland and England and became a popular first name in the twentieth century. Now, the name Cody is a top 300 option for boys.

Meaning and Origin of the name Cody:

Cody began as a surname in Ireland and England. It came from the Irish surname O Cuidighthigh. This original surname came from the meaning “descendent of Cuidightheach.” Quite a mouthful! As a name, Cody means “helpful”. The name has a strong association with the western United States, especially California.

Symbolism of the Name Cody:

The name Cuidightheach that the surname o Cuidighthigh comes from also means “helpful” and “pillow”. Though it is a historical origin, Cody does still retain the meaning of this ancient Gaelic name. You may consider a peace sign as a potential symbol for Cody, as peace and helpfulness often go hand in hand.

Nicknames for the Name Cody:

As a short name, you may wonder whether Cody has any good nicknames. Truth be told, it does! There are a lot of different nicknames to choose from for this name. Some popular ones include Code and Codester. But, there are a lot of other choices. Let's take a look at your best options:

  • Co
  • Coco
  • Codester
  • Code
  • Odie
  • Ody
  • Codes
  • Coze
  • Odes
  • Dy
  • Codykins
  • Codingo
  • Cod
  • Dee Dee
  • Cods
baby name Cody


Style of the Name Cody:


Gender of the Name Cody:

Cody can be used for boys or girls.

Pronunciation of the Name Cody:


Number of Syllables in the Name Cody:


Emotion Evoked from the Name Cody:

Cody feels young and exciting. It is a strong name that has rugged energy too.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Cody:

  • Kody
  • Codie
  • Kodie
  • Codey 
  • Kodey
  • Coadey
  • Koadey
  • Kodi 
  • Codi

Popularity of the Name Cody:

The baby name Cody was put on the top 1,000 list in 1951 at number 951. In 1982, it became a top 100 name, even reaching top 25 status in the 90s. Up until 2012, it remained a top 200 name. In 2022, the name ranked at number 302 overall.

Great Middle Names for Cody and Their Meanings:

Famous People with the Name Cody:

  • Cody Linley (actor, “Hoot”)
  • Cody Simpson (singer, “Home to Mama”)
  • Cody Ross (MLB player)
  • Cody Carson (singer of band Set It Off)
  • Cody Asche (MLB player)
  • Cody Saintgnue (actor, “Teen Wolf”)
  • Cody Hay (professional pair skater)
  • Cody(main character from “The Suite Life of Zack and Cody”)
  • Cody Nicholson (character from “True Romance”)
  • Cody Parker (character from “American Gothic”)
  • Cody Banks (character from “Agent Cody Banks”)
  • Cody (character from “The Clone Wars”)
  • Cody Hackins (character in “Ace Attorney” video game)
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