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Anna is a classic yet simple baby girl’s name derived from the name Hannah. European Christians embraced the name because it was the name of The Virgin Mary’s mother, known as Saint Anna. The name is used in many countries throughout the world. Anna pairs really easily with other names and is the more favored choice in the Ann category. It is a great baby name for couples of mixed nationalities since it is popular in so many countries. Read on to learn more.

Meaning and Origin of the name Anna:

In Hebrew, the name Anna means “grace” or “to be favored by God.” It is derived from the name Hannah. The name is popular all over the world and has been used in various countries still to this day.

Nicknames for the name Anna:

Baby girl name meanings - Anna

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Style of the name Anna:


Gender of the name Anna :


Pronunciation of the name Anna:


Syllables in the name Anna:


Emotion evoked from the name Anna :

Classic beauty, favored by God

Alternative spellings for the name Anna:

Ana, Annah, Anah,

Popularity of the name Anna:

According to the Social Security Administration index, in 1904, the name Anna was given to 5,330 baby girls, making it the third-highest-ranked baby name that year. In fact, it was ranked third from 1900-1904.

Hannah, Annie, Anika, Analise, Anya, and Nancy

Great middle names for Anna and their meaning:

  • Marie (Lady of the Sea, lady of sorrow)
  • Lee (Plum)
  • Jean (The Lord is gracious)
  • Sophia (Wisdom or skill)
  • Rose (Delicate and beautiful like a flower)
  • Paige (Young helper or child)
  • Lynn (Pool beneath a waterfall)
  • Rae (Bright like the sun’s rays)
  • Rain (Nurturing and refreshing)

Famous people with the name :

  • Anna Paquin, actress
  • Anna Kournikova, tennis player
  • Anna Faris, actress
  • Anna Harrison, US First Lady
  • Anna Giustiniani, Saint
  • Anna Fenninger, skier

Movies/Pop culture:

  • Anna (character in the hit animated movie Frozen)
  • Anna Karenina (character in Tolstoy's book, Anna Karenina)
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