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Alejandro is the Spanish version of the baby name Alexander. This name and Alexander both come from ancient Greek traditions in which the name was broken down between the words defend and men. This smooth and stylistic name remains a classic name for families of Spanish origin to use, and it has gained popularity in pop culture with even Lady Gaga using it as the name of a song.

Meaning of the Name Alejandro:

Greek: protector of mankind
Persian: defender of men
Spanish: defending men, defender of the people

Origin of the Name Alejandro:

The name Alexander was created from the Greek name which was Alexandros. Alexander became the English name for this Grecian name, then the idea for the name began to spread to Spain. In Spanish culture. they created the name Alejandro which now has the same meaning as the others do.

Symbolism of the Name Alejandro:

The original name Alexandros from which the baby names Alejandro and Alexander are from is made from two classic Greek words. These two words are alexo which means defend and aner which means man. This has allowed for now the meaning of Alejandro to be the defender of people or the defender of men.

Baby name alejandro

Style of the Name Alejandro:

The style of the name Alejandro specifically is modern, but when considering the original background in the name Alexandros, you could understand this name with a classical style as well.

Gender of the Name Alejandro:

The gender of the name Alejandro is male.

Pronunciation of Alejandro:


Number of syllables in Alejandro:

There are four syllables in the baby name Alejandro.

Emotion evoked from the Name Alejandro:

The name Alejandro is a bit mysterious and very strong when considering the personality and emotion that is behind the name.

Alternative spellings of Alejandro:

  • Alejanndro
  • Allejandro
  • Allejanndro
  • Alexander (English)
  • Aleksander (Polish)
  • Alexandre (French)
  • Alessandro (Italian)

Nicknames for the Name Alejandro:

Popularity of the Name Alejandro:

From 1997 to 2006, the name Alejandro was on the top 100 list with the best ranking reaching number 88 in both the years 2001 and 1999. From the years 2007 to 2017, the name was on the top 200 list, but in 2020, the name is just above the list and is ranked at number 211.

Great middle names for Alejandro and their meaning:

  • Paul (small, humble)
  • Julio (Jove's child)
  • Ramiro (renowned counselor)
  • Federico (peaceful ruler)
  • Damian (to tame, subdue)
  • Jean (God is gracious)

Famous people with the Name Alejandro:

The Name Alejandro in movies/pop culture:

  • Alejandro (title character in Lady Gaga song)
  • Alejandro Murrieta (Zorro, main character in The Mask of Zorro)
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