Music is universal — it's something that everyone can enjoy and it's available for anyone to create and appreciate. Bestow upon your child a name that is just as universally beloved and appreciated by selecting from this list of baby names that mean music. Each brings a beautiful and impactful quality that will be adored for a lifetime!

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  • Shadya — Most commonly used as a name for girls, Shadya means “a singer.” It comes from Arabic origins.
  • Cadence — A great name for a boy or a girl, the name Cadence means “rhythmic, flowing.” It has English and Italian origins and reached peak popularity in 2007 when it reached #199 on the Names list.
  • Wren — Choose this name for a boy or girl. It means “musical songbird” and describes this very creature. There are a handful of people with the name Wren, making it a unique name choice.
  • Melody — Ranked #268 on the list of most popular names, Melody suits a charming little girl perfectly. The name means “music or song” and comes from Greek origin.
  • Bell — Also spelled Belle, this beautiful name can be used for a girl or boy, depending on its spelling. Bell means “ringer of the bell” and has strong relation to music.
  • Sangeeta — Often used as a girl's name, Sangeeta can also be spelled Sangita. The name is of Sanskrit origin and means “music.”
  • Canta — Most commonly used as a name for girls, Canta means “beautiful song.” This name comes from Latin origins.
  • Harper — A great gender-neutral name on the hot list for girls, Harper is a fun name meaning “a harp player.” The name entered the Top 10 list in 2015 and maintains popularity across the U.S.
  • Raini — A name of Native American origin, Raini is most commonly a name given to a boy but can also serve as a girl's name. It means “the creator,” an obvious choice for someone who writes or performs music.
  • Pheng — This name is the Korean word for music and a good name for a boy or a girl.
  • Antra — A name for girls, Antra means “a section of a song.” The name has Indian origins. Outside of this country, the name is very unique and modern.
  • Shiri — This Hebrew name means “my song.” It is most often used as a name for girls.
  • Psalm — A book in the Bible, as well as a name meaning “song-like person,” Psalm, is used as a name for boys more often than a name for girls. It has Hebrew and Biblical origins.
  • Lyric — A ultra-sleek and modern gender-neutral name, Lyric means “words to a song.” It is of English origin and can be spelled with several variations, including Lyrik and Lyrick.
  • Caprice — Most commonly given to a boy, the name Caprice means “a lively piece of music.” The word has French origins.
  • Piper — Meaning “someone who plays the pipes,” the name Piper is gender-neutral and has English origins.
  • Daina — A cute name for a girl, Daina means “song or melody.” It has a Greek origin.
  • Song — A name of Korean origin, Song can be used to name a girl or boy. It is more commonly used as a name for girls. It has fallen from most popular lists in recent years but remains a common name in the country. Song means “a set of words set to music.”
  • Antra — This name is extremely popular in the Hindu religion. It means “part of a song.” It is often a name used for a girl.
  • Dinaz — This name means “a religious song.” It is a name suitable for a boy or a girl. Dinza has Parsi origins.
  • Ehani — This name means “song.” It is a name for girls that is sweet and unique. It has Nepali origin.
  • Lerina — A beautiful name for a girl that is both feminine and powerful, Lerina is of Estonia origin and means “a song that is close to the heart. ” She who has this name is often free-spirited and caring.
  • Mavis — Most commonly a name given to girls, Mavis means “songbird” or “song thrush.” The name comes of French origin.
  • Amargeet — This name is gender-neutral but most often used as a name for girls. The name has Indian origin and means “eternal music.”

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