Music is a beloved form of art that touches nearly every human in some capacity. Give your son just as impactful a name. This list of boy names that mean music is filled with a variety of handsome options. Take a look and find the perfect fit for your son.

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  • Lyron This great name for boys has an even greater meaning, “song that brings me joy.” It's perfect for a boy who fills your life with happiness.
  • Brio This name means “vivacity, zest,” but it's a popular musical term. A boy with name brio is inspirational and full of energy.
  • Odele The name Odele can also be spelled Odelle. Either way, it means “song” and has Greek origins.
  • Ceol An unusual boy's name with Irish origins, Ceol means “music.'
  • Ronan A modern, stylish two-syllable name, Ronana means “to sing.” It is a Jewish name for boys.
  • Harp A harp is a musical instrument as well as a good name for a boy. It has English and Scottish origins.
  • Adagio This fun-sounding name for boys has Italian origin. It means “slow rhyme.”
  • Chansen The name Chansen can also be spelled Chanson. The boy's name means “song” and has French origins. A boy given this name is understanding, calm, and loves music.
  • Fife The unusual boy's name Fife means “a flute.”It has Scottish origins.
  • Liron This name means “my son.” It comes from Hebrew origins.
  • Cello A common musical instrument, the name Cello for boys is musical-oriented and original.
  • Rahn This name means “a song of joy.” It is a good name for a caring boy with music in his genes. It has Hebrew origins.
  • Keertan This unique name for boys means “songs of worship.” A boy with this name can enjoy a modern and unique name.
  • Zvonimir Another unique name for boys, this one means “sound chime.” The name has Croatian origins.
  • Elvis The name Elvis refers to the “King of Rock N Roll,' Elvis Presley, from Memphis, Tennessee. The name no longer holds a spot on the list of the top names but maintained a position in the Top 50 for more than 20 years.
  • Leelo A uncommon boy's name that rolls off the tongue, the name Leelo is of Estonian origin and means “folk song.”
  • Chant An unusual name for a boy, Chant means “a song.” The name has Old French origins.
  • Prince Another name for a boy that pays homage to a music great, this time, rock n' roll hall of Famer, Prince, who died in 2016 at age 50.
  • Geet Primarily a boy name, Geet is of Indian origin and means “song.”
  • Parani A perfect and wonderful song is the definition of the name Parani. The name is unique for boys and has Indian origin.
  • Saron A Biblical name meaning “his plain, his song.” This is a good name for a boy that is unique and tender.
  • Ling This name is of Chinese origin and means “spirit, soul, or bell chime.” It is a great name for a boy with unique individuality outside of China.
  • Major Major refers to a piano. It can also signify a future strong-willed man. The name is also that of the son of rapper T.I.
  • Cantrell This French name translates to “song.” It is a unique name for a boy with a bold and powerful sound.
  • Setsuko A name for boys that is not commonly used outside its country of origin of Japan, the name means “melody, verse.”

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