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Marissa is a splendid baby girl name. Mellifluous in sound, the name Marissa fits seamlessly into any setting. Marissa Cooper was the main character on the hit television series The O.C., and Marissa Faireborn is the main human protagonist in the Transformers series. Keep reading to learn more about this beautiful baby name.

Meaning of the name Marissa:

Latin: Of the sea
German: Famous warrior, renowned star of the sea

Origin of the name Marissa:

Marissa has two separate etymologies. The first origin is an elaboration of the Latin word maris (meaning “of the sea”). This definition has the same connotations as the word “mermaid.” The second etymology is a combination of the name Marie (from the phrase stella maris or “star of the sea”) and the name Louisa (German for “famous battle” or “renowned warrior”).

Symbolism of the name Marissa:

Marissa originates from the Latin word maris or as a combination of the names Marie and Louisa. For many cultures, the second definition is a reference to the Virgin Mary (similar to other diminutives like Marietta and Mariska). Symbols for Marie include the rosa mystica, the lily, and the circle of stars.

Style of the name Marissa:


Gender of the name Marissa:

Marissa is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Marissa:


Number of syllables in the name Marissa:


Emotion evoked from the name Marissa:

The name Marissa evokes feelings of merriment and delight.

Alternative spellings for the name Marissa:

  • Marisa
  • Marrisa
  • Merissa 
  • Maressa
  • Maritza

Nicknames for the name Marissa:

  • Mari
  • Missie
  • Missy 
  • Rissa
  • Rissie

Popularity of the name Marissa:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Marissa was the 875th most popular baby name for girls in 2019.

Related names for the name Marissa:

Great middle names for Marissa and their meanings:

  • Angelique (angelic)
  • Colleen (maiden, girl)
  • Danika (morning star)
  • Elin (sun ray, bright, shining light)
  • Lauren (laurel plant)
  • Lee (meadow, clearing)
  • Naomi (pleasantness, joy, delight)
  • Poppy (red flower)
  • Rochelle (little rock)
  • Seren (star)

Famous people with the name Marissa:

  • Marissa Andretti (daughter of racing driver Michael Andretti)
  • Marissa Castelli (figure skater)
  • Marissa Coleman (basketball player)
  • Marissa Irvin Gould (tennis player)
  • Marissa Kristine Lingen (writer)
  • Marissa Ann Mayer (businesswoman)
  • Marissa Mazzola McMahon (film producer)
  • Marissa Lee Miller (supermodel)
  • Marissa Rachael Nadler (recording artist)
  • Marissa Jaret Winokur (actress)

Marissa in popular culture:

  • Marissa Benson (character on iCarly)
  • Marissa Cooper (main character in The O.C.)
  • Marissa Delfina (character on television's The Beautiful Life)
  • Marissa Faireborn (main human protagonist in the Transformers series)
  • Marissa Redmond (satirical character on featured on The Fresh Prince of Bel Air)
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