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Katelyn is a more trendy version of the baby name Caitlin. Whether it is a combination name or alternate spelling, the name remains popular. It was on the top 100 list for over 30 years.

Meaning of the Name Katelyn

The baby name Katelyn is a more modern version of Caitlin. Some even say that it came from the combination of the names Kate and Lynn. When considering the traditional name, however, it began in Ireland.

The name was an alternate version of the French name Cateline, which is a form of the Latin Katherine. The name Katelyn can trace its roots back to the classical name Katherine. The meaning of each of these names is “pure” because of the long history.

Baby name Katelyn


Nicknames for Katelyn

Katelyn is a modern and trendy name. It still has a wholesome and feminine feel despite the modernity, however. We've compiled a quick list of nicknames for you to consider when nicknaming the Katelyn in your life. Feel free to come up with your own that is unique and fun!

Katelyn Name Details

Style: Modern

Gender: The name Katelyn is traditionally considered a girls name.

Pronunciation: KAYT-lin

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Katelyn

Katelyn Name Popularity

Katelyn became a top 1,000 name on the Social Security Index in 1981. The name ascended to the top 100 list in 1988 at number 94 until 2009. It remained a top 200 name until 2014 at number 173. The name quickly descended, however, and as of 2020 sits at rank 681.

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Great Middle Names for Katelyn and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Katelyn

  • Katelyn Tarver (actress, “Big Time Rush”)
  • Katelyn Ohashi (professional gymnast)
  • Katelyn Pippy (actress, “Army Wives”)
  • Katelyn Epperly (pop singer)
  • Katelyn Pacitto (actress, “Wild Child”)
  • Katelyn Rowland (professional soccer player)
  • Katelyn Mager (actress, “Icarus”)
  • Katelyn Chase (character in “Wild Cherry”)
  • Katelyn O'Malley (character in “Secret Life of the American Teenager”)
  • Katelyn Weston (character in “Sacrifices of the Heart”)
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