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Eric is a regal name with plenty of modern influence. With its roots in the legendary Viking period, Eric was the name of three kings of Norway, six kings of Sweden, and seven kings of Denmark. In more recent popular culture, Eric “Blade” Brooks was character in the Marvel Universe, and Eric Matthews was an important character in Boy Meets World. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the Name Eric

Eric is an Old Norse name derived from the North Germanic words ei (meaning “always,” “alone,” or “forever”) and ríkr (meaning “ruler”). The name Eric means “eternal ruler.” Eric is an Old Norse name that means “eternal ruler.” In Norse mythology, the symbol for eternal rule is Gungnir (the spear of Odin).

Eric Nicknames

The name Eric evokes feelings of prominence and power. Though it may be hard to create a nickname just based off the name “Eric” alone, it just provides an opportunity to create a nickname based off their individual personality. However, we've created a list of possible options:

Eric Name Details

Style: Classic

Gender: Eric is traditionally considered to be a boys name.

Pronunciation: AIR-ik

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Eric

  • Erik
  • Erick
  • Eirik
  • Erich 
  • Eryc
  • Airic
  • Airik

Eric Name Popularity

According to the Social Security Administration index, Eric was the 198th most popular baby name for boys in 2020. Eric has ranked among the top 200 names for boys since 2011.

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Great Middle Names for Eric and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Eric

  • Eric Thomas Andolsek (football player)
  • Eric Samuel André (comedian)
  • Eric Marlon Bishop (actor)
  • Eric Oliver “Nick” Bravin (Olympic athlete)
  • Eric Victor Burdon (singer)
  • Eric Patrick Clapton (musician)
  • Eric Benét Jordan (singer)
  • Eric Scott Melvin (musician)
  • Eric Christian Olsen (actor)
  • Eric Burnell Zentner (model)
  • Eric “Blade” Brooks (character in the Marvel Universe)
  • Eric Theodore Cartman (main character in South Park)
  • Eric “E” Murphy (main character in Entourage)
  • Eric Matthews (ensemble character in Boy Meets World and the spinoff Girl Meets World)
  • Eric Albert Forman (ensemble character on That '70s Show)
  • Eric Van Der Woodsen (supporting character in Gossip Girl)
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