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Merrick is a regal name for boys that comes from the Welsh Meurig. It has ancient Roman traditions, however, going back to the popular names Mauritius and Maurus. Currently, Merrick is a top 1,100 name at rank 1,072.

Meaning of the name Merrick:

English: fame, power
Welsh: fame, power

Origin of the name Merrick:

Merrick began as a surname in England. It was a variation of the Welsh Meurig. Meurig was a given name that was a variation of Maurice, popularized by Welsh kings. Maurice specifically was a play on Roman Mauritius, a nickname for Maurus.

Symbolism of the name Merrick:

The baby name Merrick means “fame” or “power.” It dates back to the ancient Roman name Maurus and Maurice, giving it the same meaning. The name has a suitable meaning as many kings held it and the Welsh Meurig.

Style of the name Merrick:


Gender of the name Merrick:

Merrick is a formal name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Merrick:


Number of syllables in the name Merrick:


Emotion evoked from the name Merrick:

Merrick is an upper-class and powerful name. It is formal and serious.

Alternative spellings for the name Merrick:

  • Merick
  • Merrik
  • Merik
  • Meyrick
  • Meyrik

Nicknames for the name Merrick:

Popularity of the name Merrick:

Merrick was not on the top 1,000 list of the Social Security Popularity Index in 2021. It did come close, however. As of this year, it is a top 1,100 option at rank 1,072.

Related names for the name Merrick:

Great middle names for Merrick and their meanings:

  • Turner (maker of inventions)
  • Jensen (son of Jan, God is gracious)
  • Soren (severe)
  • Roscoe (doe wood, deer forest)
  • Graham (grey home, gravel homestead)
  • Burgess (the Burgess people)

Famous people with the name Merrick:

  • Merrick Garland (federal judgement)
  • Merric Thomson (lacrosse player)
  • Merrick James (soccer player)

Merricks in popular culture:

  • Merrick (character from “Merrick”)
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