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The baby name Makayla is relatively modern as this spelling was created in the last 30 years in America. The name is a version of the name Michaela. Both of these, however, are female versions of the name Michael, giving them the same meaning which is “who is like God?”

Meaning of the Name Makayla

The baby name Makayla is the feminine version of the masculine Michael and means, “who is like God?” This version of the name is actually an alternate spelling, created in America, of the name Michaela. The alternate spelling is now the most popular.

The baby name Makayla holds the same meaning as the name Michael. The name is literally just a version that was created for girls to use due to the popularity of the name Michael.

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Nicknames for Makayla

The baby name Mikayla feels modern and young. It is a very casual name that is relatable and has many options when it comes to fun nicknames. We've compiled a list of nicknames below, but feel free to create your own for the Makayla in your life.

Makayla Name Details

Style: Modern

Gender: Makayla is considered to be a girls name and is the female version of Michael.

Pronunciation: Muh-KAY-luh or Mih-KAY-luh

Syllables: Three

Alternative Spelling for Makayla

Makayla Name Popularity

The baby name Mikayla came to the Social Security Index in 1989 with a ranking of 890. It joined the top 100 list in 1998 at number 71. The name entered the top 50 list in 2004 until 2010, then went back to the top 100 list until 2013. Now, the popularity has declined as of 2020, and the name ranks at number 326.

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Great Middle Names for Makayla and Their Meanings

  • Eve (life, living)
  • Nicole (victory of the people)
  • Renee (reborn, born again)
  • Leanne (to twine around)
  • Leslie (garden, holly tree)
  • Reese (ardent, fiery)
  • Corinne (girl, maiden)

Famous People Named Makayla

  • Makayla Epps (WNBA player)
  • Makayla McNorris (reality TV star, “Here Come the Newlyweds”)
  • Makayla Leigh (actress, “As the World Turns”)
  • Makayla Berkers (actress, “Kath & Kim”)
  • Makayla Lewis (character in “Get Hard”)
  • Makayla Reed (character in “Christmas with a Capital C”)
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