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The baby name McKenna originated in Scotland and Ireland as a Gaelic surname. There are two names associated with the surname, Kenneth and the Gaelic Cionaodh. Though originally a surname, the name McKenna is a trendy choice for girls in America.

Meaning of the Name McKenna

The baby name McKenna was originally used as a surname in Scotland for families that began with a patriarch named Kenneth. The prefix, “Mc” or “Mac” means denotes the meaning of “son of” in Ireland and Scotland. “Kenna” is a shortened form of Kenneth.

The name McKenna is represented in Scotland by families made from the son of Kenneth. There is a Gaelic translation of this name as well which means Son of Cionaodh. In Irish culture, however, the name translates to son of a handsome person so that it can represent the names Kenneth and Cionaodh.

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Nicknames for McKenna

The baby name McKenna feels youthful and cool. It is a unique name that has strength associated with it as well. If you're contemplating finding a nickname for the McKenna in your life, we've compiled a fun list below:

  • Mac 
  • Kenna
  • Kennah
  • Ken
  • Mackie
  • Kenni
  • Kenny 
  • Mickey

McKenna Name Details

Style: Traditional

Gender: Neutral

Pronunciation: Me-KEHN-uh

Syllables: Three

Alternative Spelling for McKenna

McKenna Name Popularity

The baby name McKenna only came to be popular for girls in America in the year 1991. It ascended to the top 200 list from 1999 until 2003. Now, however, the name has gone back down the rankings at number 272 as of the year 2020.

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Great Middle Names for McKenna and Their Meanings

Famous People Named McKenna

  • McKenna Grace (actress, “Gifted”)
  • McKenna Faith (country music singer)
  • McKenna Kelley (professional gymnast)
  • McKenna Medley (singer, “Saddest Goodbye”)
  • McKenna Brooks (name of American Girl doll)
  • McKenna Mendelson Mainline (blues band from Canada)
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