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Kenny is the kind of name you might see on a boy kicking around the mud in the Scottish highlands. A shortened version of Kenneth, Kenny is a Scottish Gaelic name referring to a “fiery” little boy. American parents love this name because it is endearing, masculine, and just unique enough to not be a common name. Take a look at why so many new parents looking for the best baby names for boys are taking a keen interest in the name Kenny!

Meaning of the name Kenny:

Gaelic: Handsome, fiery

Origin of the name Kenny:

Gaelic. Kenny is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic name “Cináed” that means born of fire. It's also associated with the word “caoineach” that means handsome.

Symbolism of the name Kenny:

Kenny is all about being born of fire! It refers to the strength and tenacity of a young lad. It also implies good looks.

Style of the name Kenny:


Gender of the name Kenny:

Kenny is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Kenny:


Syllables in the name Kenny:


Emotion evoked from the name Kenny:

Kenny brings to mind the adventures and frolicking of a young boy in nature!

Alternative spellings for the name Kenny:

Kennie, Kennee, Kennee, Kinny

Nicknames for the name Kenny:

Ken, Kin

Popularity of the name Kenny:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Kenny ranked among the top 1,000 baby names every year between 1929 and 2019. While Kenny peaked at 174 in 1959, it managed to reach 866 in 2019.

Related names for the name Kenny:

Aidan, Blaise, Cináed, Kenneth

Great middle names for Kenny and their meanings:

  • Christopher (Christ bearer)
  • Davin (dearly loved)
  • Erick (eternal ruler)
  • Gerard (strong lance)
  • Jensen (son of Jens)
  • Oliver (olive tree)
  • Mycroft (by the stream)
  • Patrick (son of a noble father)

Famous people with the name Kenny:

  • Kenny Chesney (country singer)
  • Kenny G (saxophone player)
  • Kenny Loggins (musician)
  • Kenny Rogers (singer)

Kennys in movies/pop culture:

  • Kenny Bania (“Seinfeld” character)
  • Kenny McCormick (“South Park” character)\
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