While some may associate the word “beautiful” with being feminine, there are actually quite a few boy names that mean beautiful as well. Here is list of 25 masculine names — all that mean beautiful — and they run the gamut, from the more common Kevin to more unusual options like Argider or Kauno. Take a look!

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  • AdonisAdonis, although with Greek origins meaning “lord”, is a great name with Greek mythology roots as it represents a man who was the pinnacle of masculine beauty.
  • Amare Amare, African for “handsome”, has a steady popularity thanks to its inviting, warm quality.
  • Argider Argider, with Basque origins meaning “beautiful light”, has an interesting pronunciation mainly found in certain areas in Spain.
  • Beauchamp Beauchamp, meaning “the beautiful field”, is a strong French name with a softer sound than it looks as it's pronounced “Beecham”.
  • Beaufort Beaufort is backed by old French origins meaning “the lovely/beautiful fort”, and it can make for a nice and strong name for a baby boy, and like similar sounding names, comes with the “Beau” nickname.
  • Beaumont Beaumont, French for “beautiful mountain”, is a well-balanced name that's approachable and stylish, and it even comes with a cute “Monty” nickname.
  • Belvedere Belvedere is a unique name to represent your gorgeous baby boy thanks to its lovely meaning of “beautiful view”.
  • Bello Bello, Italian for “handsome, beautiful”, is a strong name heard throughout the culture, and it can make for a wonderful given name or even just a nickname for your handsome baby boy.
  • Calixto Calixto, although Greek for “beautiful”, is also known throughout Spain to represent the name of three popes, making it a nice spiritual name option.
  • Cosmo Cosmo, meaning “order, beauty”, is an attractive name that doesn't just sound cool, but it looks trendy as well.
  • EderEder, meaning “handsome”, is a bold Basque name that can cross cultural barriers, especially if you also have a baby girl or other female relative with the name “Eider”.
  • Hassan Hassan, Arabic for “handsome”, is a familiar choice, and if you want to go along with Nigerian culture, it also represents the name for the first boy born in a pair of twins.
  • Hussein Hussein, with Arabic origins meaning “small, handsome one”, is a well-recognized name that still has a distinctive feel about it.
  • Irvin Irvin, a Scottish name meaning “handsome, fair of face”, may have an old-fashioned feel, but it is fitting for parents that aim for something a touch more vintage.
  • JamalJamal, Arabic for “beauty”, is a popular name amongst the Muslim community, and it can still make for a lovely cross-cultural given name.
  • Kauno Kauno, Finnish for “beautiful”, is a strong given name that has a layer of uniqueness to it as it doesn't appear widely used.
  • Kavanaugh Kavanaugh, meaning “born handsome or son of Caomhan”, is a nice Irish surname that transitions well into a given name.
  • KevinKevin, meaning “handsome”, is a traditional name that can work well to a boy with a female sibling or a female relative that has the similar beautiful name of “Keeva”.
  • Kiley Kiley is an Anglicized version of the Gaelic name “O' Cadhla” with “Cadhla” meaning “graceful or beautiful”, and it is among the softer names for handsome baby boys.
  • MemphisMemphis, although a place name and great for a baby born in that U.S. city, has lovely Greek roots meaning “enduring and beautiful”.
  • Sabeh Sabeh, with Arabic roots meaning “pretty, handsome, beautiful”, is a significant name to represent your lovely baby boy.
  • Shaquille Shaquille, Arabic for “well-developed, handsome”, is a popular choice due in large part to the famous U.S. basketball player Shaquille O'Neal.
  • Usain Usain, an attractive Arabic name for “beautiful”, works great for parents who envision a future athlete thanks to it being the name of Usain Bolt, the fastest man in the world.
  • Zayn Zayn, meaning “beauty, grace”, is a given name that rapidly grew in popularity thanks to the former boy band member of One Direction, Zayn Malik.
  • Zinedine Zinedine, Arabic for “beauty of the faith”, exploded in admiration throughout France thanks to the soccer star Zinedine Zidane.

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