Time certainly flies, but 2015 had many high points that many of us do remember very well.

For instance, global poverty reached its lowest levels ever that year, while mankind had a huge first with a probe sent reaching Pluto, our 9th on-again-off-again planet.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2015

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Every year is a big year for babies, but the most popular names from 2015 deviated from years previous. So let's have a look at what the most popular names were in 2015 for boys and girls respectively.

2015 boy names covered a very broad range from religious to pop-culture inspired. Here were the most popular names for boys in 2015:

Generally speaking, female baby names are a bit more encompassing compared to boys, in whence comes the inspiration for the names. Here are the most popular 2015 girl names:

Were the 2015 Baby Names Different from Previous Years?

Millions upon millions of babies are born into the world every single year. While there are valleys and peaks in terms of pure numbers, it's a lot. And so we end up having a lot of babies that share common names. You should compare 2015 baby names to both the names from the 1990s and names for the decade starting in 2000.

This is how we end up with naming trends and the most popular names for babies; boys and girls.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2015

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Many of these name choices are driven by culture. Popular movie franchises, popular politicians, certain events. For instance, “Bella” was a hugely popular name when the Twilight series was popular. You can see this trend in action by reviewing names from 2009 and 2011.

One could imagine that when Halley's Comet comes back around, we'll be seeing a whole lot of girls' names with some variation of that spelling. It's just how naming works.

Most Popular Baby Names in 2015

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The list of 2015 baby names doesn't deviate a whole lot from the previous year; mostly what we see are names exchanging places, until which point some cultural event adds new names to the lexicon.

Though the list above gives you a solid idea of what the most popular names were in 2015.

Most Popular Baby Names by Year

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