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Jace is a boy’s baby name that has been in the top 100 names since 2011. Jace is pronounced like the first syllable of the name Jason and shares the same meaning of “healer”. Another meaning, drawn from Hebrew, means “the Lord of salvation”.

Meaning of the name Jace:

Hebrew: the Lord of salvation
Greek: healer

Origin of the name Jace:

Jace is a baby name with two different origins. It is a Hebrew name meaning “the Lord of salvation” as well as a Greek name meaning “healer”. The Greek name is a shortened form of the name Jason.

Symbolism of the name Jace:

The Rod of Asclepius is a symbol of a healer in the Greek tradition. The rod depicts a snake coiled around a staff. A variation of this symbol is commonly associated with physicians to this day.

Baby name Jace

Style of the name Jace:


Gender of the name Jace:

Jace is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Jace:


Number of syllables in the name Jace:


Emotion evoked from the name Jace:

Jace evokes feelings of compassion and understanding.

Alternative spellings for the name Jace:

Jase, Jayce, Jayse

Nicknames for the name Jace:

  • Jay
  • J. C.

Popularity of the name Jace:

According to the Social Security Administration, Jace has been in common use since the mid 1950’s but has jumped in popularity since 2011 where it has peaked at #66.

Related names for the name Jace:

Great middle names for Jace and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Jace:

  • Jace Clayton (American DJ)
  • Jace Bugg (American professional golfer)
  • Jace Norman (American actor)
  • Jace Richdale (American producer and writer)
  • Jace Whittaker (American football player)
  • Jace (French graffiti artist)

Jaces in popular culture:

  • Jace Beleren (card game, “Magic: The Gathering”)
  • Jace Corso (television, “Dark Matter”)
  • Major “Flash” Dillon (video game, “Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger”)
  • Jason Jase Dyer (television, EastEnders)
  • Jonathan Christopher “Jace” Herondale (literature, The Mortal Instruments series)
  • Jace (television, “Space Ghost”)
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