From Brady, which means “free-spirited,” to Amzi, which means “strong spirit,” each of these boy names that mean spirit are masculine and unusual. Explore the options and find the perfect name for your son.

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  • Amzi A name of Hebrew origin, Amzi means “strong spirit.” It is referenced in the Bible several times.
  • Oberon This name means “the soul or purest blood of the heart.” It is a good name for boys with a deep, dark meaning.
  • Epidridion A long and unusual name of Spanish origin, this name means “little spirit.”
  • Hansroop This name of Sikh origin means “pure soul, spirit.” The name is rarely heard of in the U.S. but popular in Indian culture.
  • Arwah The name Arwah is an original name. It means “spirit” in Sudanese.
  • Multo The name Multo means “ghost” in Filipino. It is easy to spell two-syllable name.
  • Brennevin This name means “spirit” in Icelandic. It is a modern name that is fun to say! This is also the name of Iceland's signature spirit.
  • Tinh – The Vietnamese word for “spirits,” Tinh Linh is an unusual but fun name with a great meaning.
  • Hototo – A Native American name meaning “warrior spirit who sings.”
  • Dusan The name Dusan is a form of the name Dusa and Dusaka. It means “a content soul, satisfied.”
  • Paresh A common boy's name of Indian origin, Paresh means “supreme soul, soul lord, or lord of the lords.”
  • BradyThis simple name for boys is popular in the U.S. It means “free-spirited.” It is of Irish origin.
  • Drogo This name is not often heard of in the U.S. it means “phantom or ghost” and has an Anglo-Saxon origin.
  • Roho A simple name for boys, the name Roho means “soul.” It originates from East African origin and is common in the Sanskrit language.
  • Atman The name Atman has Indian origin. It means “the self, soul, spirit” and has Hindi origin.
  • HughThe name Hugh means “heart, mind, spirit.” It has Old French origins where it was introduced by the Norse. The name was a top 100 favorite during the 19th century.
  • Chuchip THis name has Native American origin. It means “deer spirit.” It is a good choice for parents wanting a name that is strong but uncommon.
  • Huib An unusual name for boys meaning “bright spirited,” Huib has Dutch origins.
  • Spirio A Greek variant of the name Spyro, this name means “spirit.” It's also the name of a popular video game character.
  • Barrett This name means “god strength.” It is an alternative version of saying “spirit” or “soul.” It is of German origin.
  • Elrid Elrid means “fiery spirit.” It is a strong name of Norse origin.
  • Haldis The name Haldis is not often heard of in America, but is common in other parts of the world. The name means “stone spirit” and is of Greek origin.
  • Tormey An unusual name for boys, Tormey means “thunder spirit.” It is of old Irish origin.
  • Valdis The name Valdis means “spirit of war.” It is a strong, powerful name of Teutonic origin.
  • Asa Sometimes spelled Aza, this name for boys means “powerful” or “free spirit.” This name appears in the Old Testament.

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