With options like Achak, which is a Native American name that means “spirit,” to Axar,” a Gujarati name that means “ghost,” this list of boy names that mean ghost is filled with variety. Peruse the list, find the perfect name for your son, and his will be a name he loves for a lifetime!

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  • Achak A name with Native American origins, Achak means “spirit.” The name works great for boys; it's dark and mysterious.
  • Ryuu This Japanese name means “dragon spirit.” It is perfect for a boy with future dragon-like skills.
  • GaylordA masculine name meaning “high-spirited, boisterous.” The name hails from French origins.
  • Axar — Axar has a Gujarati origin and means “ghost.”
  • Egon A great alternative for the name Eugene, it is a cool-sounding name that means “strong sword carrier.” The name has German origins.
  • Barrett Barrett is a boy name often used as a ghost or spirit name. It is unusual, easy to pronounce, and unique.
  • Chevoyo This Native American boy's name means “spirit warrior.” It works well for an Indigenous boy's name or any boy characteristic of a warrior.
  • Hugh A common name in the English language, Hugh means “spirit.”
  • Able A Hebrew name used in Biblical times, the name Able means “breathing spirit.” Abel was killed by his brother Cain over jealousy.
  • BradyThis name means “heavily spirited.” It comes from Irish origins. It is a common and modern name for boys.
  • Abir A Hebrew name that means “ghost or spirit,” it's a good option for a boy's name.
  • Eldrid Eldrid is an uncommon boy's name that means “ferocious spirit.” It has a Norse background and origin.
  • Donnelly A masculine name with Irish origins, the name Donnelly means “dark spirit.”
  • Espiridion This unique boy's name is difficult to pronounce but guarantees a conversation. It is a Spanish name that originated from Greek backgrounds and means “little ghost.”
  • Alastor — A Greek boy's name meaning “to avenge a spirit.”
  • Spyro The name of a popular video game character. Spyro means “spirit” and comes from Greek origin.
  • Amon This name means “hidden one,” perfect when you seek a name fitting with the meaning of a ghost. Amon is a good name for boys and has Greek origins.
  • Uberto An alternate name of Huberto, Uberto has Italian origins. It means “bright spirit.”
  • Huguburt This unusual name has German origins. It means “bright spirit, mind, and heart.”
  • Ahriman From Middle Persian origins, this name means “evil spirit.” The name is a good choice for anyone looking for a dark-natured name.
  • Shen A common name for boys in Japan, the name Shen means “spirit.”
  • Kneph This is an Egyptian name that means “spirit.” It is a great name for boys.
  • Mentor This name is Greek in origin. In mythology, Mentor was the name of the son of Alkimos.
  • Ahriman — boy's name has dark, deep roots. It means “evil spirit” and is the Persian form of the name “Avestan.”
  • Gizem This name is unique for a boy. It has a Turkish origin with the meaning “mystery, secret,” a perfect option for a ghost-themed name.

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