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Brady is famous as a surname given the fictional “Brady Bunch” family, Tom Brady the multiple Superbowl champion and MVP, and the entire Brady clan on “Days of our Lives.” It has also been a popular given name, although not quite as visible, for both boys and girls. As gender-neutral names gather more popularity, Brady is a name ready for anyone. Keep reading to find out more about this baby name.

Meaning of the name Brady:

Irish male: Descendant of Bradach, large-chested
Irish female: Descendant of Bradach, one with broad eyes

Origin of the name Brady:

Irish. Brady is a unisex name that comes from the Irish meaning “Descendant of Bradach.” It also carries elements from Old English; “brad” meaning “broad”, and “ēage” meaning “eye” translating to “one with broad eyes.”

Symbolism of the name Brady:

The name Brady symbolizes strength, loyalty, and commitment whether given to a boy or girl. It stands tall and commands attention regardless of the gender the name is given to.

Style of the name Brady:


Gender of the name Brady:

Brady is a unisex name, typically given to baby boys, but there are a significant number of girls with it as a given name.

Pronunciation of the name Brady:


Syllables in the name Brady:


Emotion evoked from the name Brady:

The name Brady evokes a feeling of confidence, serenity. and optimism.

Alternative spellings for the name Brady:

Bradee, Braydee, Bradey, Braedy, Braydie, Bradie

Nicknames for the name Brady:

Bray, Dee, Brad

Popularity of the name Brady:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Brady was ranked the 305th most popular boy name in 2020. As a girl's name, it has never been ranked in the top 1000 names.

Related names for the name Brady:

Bradee, Brody, Brayden, Braelyn

Great middle names for Brady and their meanings:

  • Bliss (happiness)
  • Haven (safe harbor)
  • Gray (shortened version of Grayson)
  • Lee (meadow)
  • Rue (healing plant)
  • Winter (season)

Famous people with the name Brady:

Brady in movies/pop culture:

  • Brady Black (character in “Days of Our Lives”)
  • Brady (character in the Cartoon Network series “Clarence”)
  • Brady Fuller (character in the “Twilight” series)
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