This list of boy names that mean raven is filled with a unique selection of masculine options. From Ingram to Brannon to Guntram and beyond, each brings an unusual spin. Peruse these baby names — complete with meaning and origin — and find the perfect name for your baby.

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  • Bendigeidfran This name from Welsh origins means “blessed raven.” Though a long name that is somewhat difficult to spell, it stands out and certainly paves way for originality.
  • Hawk The name Hawk is taken from the bird of the same name. It sounds mysterious and masculine. It means “intuition” though has been used as a name for boys since the early 1940s.
  • Crane This is the name of a long-necked bird. People with this name often use the nickname Cray. This name has Old English origins.
  • Tsubame A name meaning “the barn swallow,” Tsubame is a name for girls and boys. It has Japanese origins. Outside of the country, this name is very unique and original.
  • Guntram The name Guntram means “black raven.” It is of Germanic origins. Boys named Guntram are often mature and well-educated.
  • Chogan A Native American baby boy's name that means “black bird.” Boys with this name get a unique name that sounds similar to the word “choking.”
  • Eagleram This name is seldom used. Nonetheless, it is an Old English name for boys meaning “a virtuous eagle.”
  • Ingram The name Ingram has great meaning of “raven of peace.” It has Old English and Scandinavian origins. The name is sophisticated and strong. Only one in 4,090 boys share the name.
  • Wolfram The name Wolfram for boys means “Wolf raven.” Both the wolf and raven played important roles in Greek mythology. The name has English and German origins.
  • Hrafnhildr This name means “bird” and “battle.” It has Old Norse origins. It is very popular in Iceland but rarely used in other countries.
  • Sacagawea This gender-neutral name means “little bird.” It has Indigenous American origins where it is popularly used in Hidatsa.
  • Bran Of Welsh origin, the name Bran means “raven.” It is a diminutive form of the name Brandon and Brando.
  • BrannonThe name Brannon means “son of Bran.” It is an alternative version of the name Brandon, which may get confused by other people. This is a two-syllable name.
  • MerleThe name Merle is of French origins. It's a name for boys that means “black bird.”
  • Hrban This name means “black bird” or “raven.” It comes from Old High German origins.
  • Branhard The name Brandhard is very unusual. It means “bold raven.” Boys with this name are courageous, strong, and born leaders. It has English origins.
  • Fehin The name Fehin means “little raven.” It is an unusual, fun name for boys that has Irish origins.
  • Branwen A nice play on the name Brandon, this name means “white raven.” It has Welsh origins.
  • Rabe Rabe is a German name for boys that means “raven.” An estimated 2,487 people share this name in America.
  • Uwak Uwak means “crow, bird” in the Filipino language. The name is almost unheard of in America.
  • Belasko The name Belasko means “raven.” It is a dominant name for a boy that has Basque origins.
  • Shakuntala – This name originated in Sanskrit. It means ” bird.” This is also the name of a character in Hindu legend, her story adapted by Kalidasa for the 5th-century play Abhijnanashakuntalam.
  • Fiacre – Fiacre means “eagle.” It has Celtic origins.
  • Byrd This name is derived from the word bird. It means “an animal with wings that soar in the air.”
  • Kangee This name means “raven.” It has Native American origins. Although not a popular name, it is a great choice for new parents and parents-to-be, especially those searching for an original name.

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