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The name Colton originated as a name for those who lived in habitats throughout Scotland and England that were popularized by the coal mining industry. The boy's name still has a rough and strong feel to it, especially when considering the darkness that is associated with it. Despite this darkness, the baby name Colton has been a top 100 pick for the past 12 years.

Meaning of the Name Colton

There are a variety of locations throughout England with the name Colton in them, as well as a town in Scotland called Colton House. The name Colton originally began as a habitational name for individuals who lived among these communities. Being as that the primary meaning is a coal town, many of these communities for among the rugged darkness of the coal mining industry.

The name Colton is a rugged name as it was made for men and boys who lived among coal mining towns or who worked in the coal mining industry throughout the United Kingdom. It is a very direct name, as it almost sounds like “coal town.”

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Nicknames for Colton

Strong emotions are evoked from the baby name Colton. These emotions include seriousness and even a bit of anger. This anger comes from a healthy place as it is meant to represent the ruggedness that is associated with the meaning behind the name. Here's a list of nicknames for you to consider for the Colton in your life:

Colton Name Details

Style: Traditional to old England.

Gender: Colton is traditionally considered to be a boys name.

Pronunciation: KOHL-tuhn

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Colton

Colton Name Popularity

As mentioned, the name Colton has been on the top 100 list of the Social Security Index since 2008, currently ranking at number 66 as of the year 2020. Prior to this, as of the year 1989, Colton was on the top 200 list, however. It did not even enter the Social Security Popularity Index until the year 1982 at number 801.

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Great Middle Names for Colton and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Colton

  • Colton Haynes (actor, “Supernatural”)
  • Colton Underwood (reality television star, “The Bachelor”)
  • Colton Dixon (rock singer)
  • Colton Rudloff (pop singer)
  • Colton Dunn (professional comedian)
  • Colton Ryan (stage actor, “Dear Evan Hansen”)
  • Colton Edwards (professional dancer)
  • Colton Tran (actor, “Cloud 9”)
  • Colton White (character in video game “Gun”)
  • Colton Tayler (character in “Magnetic Shift”)
  • Colton Rivera (character from Gotham Academy of DC Comics)
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