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The name Brayden began in ancient England and Ireland, though it did not enter the Social Security Popularity Index until 1991. This name is one of the popular options for boys that end in the -aden sound. It has a wide variety of spellings, but each has the same pronunciation.

Meaning of the name Brayden:

Irish: broad, brave, wise

Origin of the name Brayden:

The name Brayden began in historical Ireland and England as a variation of the traditional name Bradan or Braden. This name was originally a surname that was meant to represent someone that was from the community called Bradden. In Irish, the name could have also originally meant salmon, especially if it was spelled Bradan. It became popular in the 1990s with the popularity of names that end in the -aden sound such as Jayden or Caden.

Symbolism of the name Brayden:

In historic Irish legend, names that were associated with animals had much to do with the characteristics of those animals. The salmon, which the name Brayden could come from, represented an animal that was wise and brave, as seen in the meaning of the name.

Style of the name Brayden:

The style of the baby name Brayden is traditional.

Gender of the name Brayden:

Brayden is a baby name commonly used for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Brayden:

BRAY-duhn or BRAY-den

Number of syllables in the name Brayden:

There are two syllables in the baby name Brayden.

Emotion evoked from the name Brayden:

The name Brayden feels strong. It is a name that is also associated with intelligence and power.

Alternative spellings for the name Brayden:

Nicknames for the name Brayden:

  • Brade
  • Bray
  • Brady 
  • Bradey
  • Bay
  • Brays

Popularity of the name Brayden:

The name Brayden entered the Social Security Popularity Index in 1991 at number 884. From the years 2005 to 2018, the name was on the top 100 list, reaching number 36 in 2012. In 2020, the name has slightly gone down in popularity as it is number 111.

Related names for the name Brayden:

Great middle names for Brayden and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Brayden:

  • Brayden Raper (professional cheerleader)
  • Brayden Schenn (professional hockey player)
  • Brayden Dunbar (professional model)
  • Brayden Taylor (pop singer)
  • Brayden McNabb (professional hockey player)

Braydens in popular culture:

  • Brayden Holt (character in “Wentworth”)
  • Brayden Edwards (character in “Home and Away”)
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