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Reed is a simple and powerful name for boys. It originated as a surname in England, and it is still a familial option today. As of 2021, Reed is on the top 500 list for boys in America.

Meaning of the name Reed:

English: red, red-haired

Origin of the name Reed:

Reed originated in England as a surname. It came from the Old English word “read.” The word “read” did not originally mean “to discover something by reading it.” It represented the term “red” in Old English. The surname came from a nickname, which was also Reed. It represented individuals with red hair.

Symbolism of the name Reed:

The baby name Reed originated as a surname or nickname in Old England. It came from the Old English word “read,” which means “red.” When used as a nickname, Reed represented people with red hair, hence the definition of “red-haired.”

Style of the name Reed:


Gender of the name Reed:

Reed is a simple name for boys, though it can be given to girls as well.

Pronunciation of the name Reed:


Number of syllables in the name Reed:


Emotion evoked from the name Reed:

Reed is a simple and approachable baby name. It is strong and rugged.

Alternative spellings for the name Reed:

  • Reid 
  • Read
  • Reade
  • Reede
  • Reide

Nicknames for the name Reed:

  • Red
  • Reedie
  • Reedy
  • Reedi
  • Ed 
  • Eddie
  • Eddy
  • Ree

Popularity of the name Reed:

As of 2021, Reed is a top 500 option in America. It is number 416 for boys. Reed did best in 2014. It was number 317 for boys.

Related names for the name Reed:

Great middle names for Reed and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Reed:

  • Reed Doughty (football player)
  • Reed Alexander (actor, “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”)
  • Reed Hastings (founder of Netflix)
  • Reed Deming (contestant on “The X Factor”)
  • Reed Diamond (actor, “Three Days”)
  • Reed Jobs (son of Steve Jobs)

Reeds in popular culture:

  • Reed Hellstrom (character from “The Young and the Reckless”)
  • Reed Richards (Mister Fantastic from Marvel comics)
  • Reed Cullen (character from “Spooked”)
  • Reed Pollock (character from “24”)
  • Reed Strucker (character from “The Gifted”)
  • Reed Fish (character from “I'm Reed Fish”)
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