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The baby name Aubrey, which is a traditional boy name, has become increasingly more popular among parents for both boys and girls. Its origins date back to as early as 1066. Find out more about this popular baby name.

Meaning of the Name Aubrey:

German: Elf king
English: Noble ruler

Origin of the Name Aubrey:

The origin of the baby name Aubrey is an English variant of the Old High German name Alberich.

Symbolism of the Name Aubrey:

Aubrey is of English and French origin with the meaning of elf ruler as it was a popular male name in England during the middle ages. Around the year 1066, the name Aubrey was brought to England following the Norman conquest as the original carriers lived where planted elder trees were.

baby name Aubrey

Style of the Name Aubrey:

The name Aubrey is used as both a boy and girl name and is traditional in style.

Gender of the name Aubrey:

The name Aubrey is a name for boys and girls. It has grown in female names in 2017.

Pronunciation of the Name Aubrey:


Number of Syllables for the Name Aubrey:

The name Aubrey has two syllables.

Emotion Evoked from the Name Aubrey:

The name Aubrey evokes notions of superiority and that of a king.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Aubrey:

Aubree, Aubrie, Aubreigh, Aubri, Aubre, Auberi, Aubrea

Nicknames for the Name Aubrey:

Aubs, Bree, Aubby, Aubz, Aub, Aburrito

Popularity of the Name Aubrey:

The name Aubrey has grown in popularity since 2005 where it was originally ranked at 153, currently, in 2020, the name is even more popular ranked at 56. Each year since 2005, the baby name Aubrey has continued to grow in popularity.

Related names for Aubrey:

Great middle names for Aubrey:

Famous people with the name Aubrey:

  • Aubrey Manning (Zoologist)
  • Aubrey Anderson Emmons (actor)
  • Aubrey Fitch (Admiral the United States Navy)

Aubrey name from movies/pop culture:

  • Aubrey Plaza (“Parks and Recreation”)
  • Aubrey (“The First Time”)
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