This list of baby names that mean ruler is filled with a beautiful selection of options for both boys and girls. From Enzo, which means “ruler of the people,” to Roy, which simply means “king,” each is straight-forward in its impactful nod toward leadership. Take a look!

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  • Ronnie – Most often used as a name for boys but sometimes a name given to girls, Ronnie means “wise ruler.” It is a form of the masculine name Ronald. People named Ronnie are often talkative, persuasive people.
  • Eero The name Eero is unusual, making it a great choice for parents concerned with originality. The name has Finnish origins and means “eternal ruler.” Eero has two syllables.
  • Yijun A name of Chinese origin, Yijun means “joy, harmony, leader, king.” The name is simple and unique. People named Yijun are said to be energetic and high-spirited.
  • Aldrich – An uncommon, stern name for boys is Aldrich. This name means “old or wise ruler.” It is of French origin.
  • RoryThe name Rory means “red-haired king.” It's of Scottish Gaelic origin. The name was most popular in 1959 when it peaked at #280 on name charts.
  • EnzoA diminutive of the name Henry which means “ruler of the people,” the name Enzo means “winner” in Italian.
  • Ruaidhri Ruaidhri means “famous ruler” and is of Indian origin. You do not often hear this name in the United States.
  • HendrixThe boy's name Hendrix means “ruler of the home.” It has an old Germanic Heimirich origin. The name is most commonly associated with rocker Jimi Hendrix.
  • Archon The name Archon is powerful and unique. It is of Greek origin and means “ruler.”
  • Jerrick A name most often given to boys, Jerrick means “strong and gifted ruler.” It is of American origin.
  • Roark A boy's name meaning “famous ruler,” Roark has Irish origin. It is both a given name and a surname.
  • Agrata The name Agrata is not very common, making it a good choice for parents seeking originality. The name means “war leader, taking the lead.” It has Indian origin.
  • Emera A name for girls meaning “industrious leader,” Emera has a Germanic origin. It is a cute, three-syllable name.
  • Kaiser This unisex name means “Emporer.” It has an Old English origin. People named kaiser are often full of life, joyful, and charming.
  • Roy The name Roy is a name for boys that means “king.” It is of Anglo-Norman origin. People named Roy are often mysterious but also trustworthy and respected.
  • Kgosi A unisex name of African origin, Kgosi means “king.” It is a fun name that you do not hear often in the U.S.
  • Ansaldo An awesome name of Italian origin, Ansaldo means “God, powerful, ruler, leader.” People named Ansaldo are often intelligent and wise.
  • Kamau – This name is of African/Kenyan origin. It means “quiet warrior.” It is a unisex name most commonly used for boys.
  • Tagapamahala This original name means “ruler” in Vietnamese. It is a name not often heard of in the states and rarely in Vietnam.
  • Jun The name Jun means “king, ruler.” It is of Chinese origin. If you want a name that isn't used often with an Asian background, this name is a good pick.
  • Vladar If you want an original name for boys, Vladar is a good option. The name means “ruler” in Croatian.
  • Diomar- name Diomar means “God of the Sea,” a great name inspired by “a ruler.” The name is of Spanish origin.
  • MaverickThe boy's name Maverick is an excellent choice if you want a name that means ruler. The name means “independent, non-conforming” and has an English origin. People named Maverick are lively and feisty.
  • Alcind – This masculine name has two syllables. It means “strong, man's defender, warrior.” The name has a Greek derivation.
  • GriffinA given name and a surname for boys, Griffin means “lord” or “prince.” It has Welsh origins. Griffin is also the name of a mythical creature.

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