If you're looking for an impactful name that evokes a royal vibe, consider an option from this list of baby names that mean princess. While most lean more feminine, there are some unisex baby names on this list that can loosely be translated to mean princess … options that mean “precious as gold” or “royal.” Explore the list and fine the perfect fit for your child.

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  • Deotch This unique name means “mythical princess of Munster.” The name has Celtic origins and is sure to intrigue those who hear it roll off the tongue.
  • Protvi This name is popular in India. It means “Goddess Sita.” While most popular as a name for girls, it is gender-neutral outside of the country of origin.
  • Genji This name originates in China. It means “most valuable” and “precious as gold,” just like a princess.
  • Yseult This name means “lady, princess, fair, or fair lady.” It has German origins and works as a name for a boy or a girl.
  • Sovereign This name means “king, queen, or noble director.” It has French origins.
  • Di This name means “Fertile, god, princess.” It is given to a girl most often.
  • Azmik A name of Arabic origin, Azmik means “princess,” though is gender-neutral so can be given to a boy as well.
  • Herrick From Old Norse origins, the name Herrick means “powerful ruler.” It is commonly given to a boy but can serve as a girl's name.
  • Bano Of Persian origin, the name Bano means “princess.” It has a regal sound to it and remains popular in the country.
  • Zarouhi This Armenian name means “princess.” It is a derivative of the name Sarah which can be given to a girl or a boy.
  • Eero This name has a Finnish origin and means “leader.” it's a good name for both boys and girls.
  • ReaganThis name means “little ruler.” One time this name was popular as a boy's name but now serves as a popular name for both boys and girls.
  • KendallThis name is popular in the U.K. It is a given name for a boy or girl with the meaning “royal.”
  • Fazaid This Arabic name means “love or princess.” The name is impactful and powerful, yet still feminine enough to give to a girl.
  • Tansi Popular in the Hindu religion, the name Tansi means “beautiful princess.”
  • Chatti Meaning “Dear, beloved, princess,” the name Chatti is used as a girl's name and less commonly, given to name a boy. The name is straightforward.
  • AstridThis name means “divinely beautiful,” a perfect choice for a little princess born into this world. The name has old Scandinavian roots.
  • Kenton A name meaning “royal chieftain,” Kenton has English origins. It is used as a name for a girl or a boy.
  • Jahzara This Ethiopian name means “princess.” It's a very popular name in Africa.
  • Urbi This name has an Egyptian origin. It means “princess” And can be given to a boy or a girl.

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