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Jaxon has a modern and trendy feel despite only being a spelling variation of Jackson. It follows the trend of utilizing surnames as first names, and it already a top 50 pick for boys. It is slowly catching up to the top 20 alternative, Jackson.

Meaning of the name Jaxon:

American: son of Jack

Origin of the name Jaxon:

Jaxon is a more modern spelling of the baby name Jackson that was created in America. Both mean “son of Jack” as Jackson was originally a surname in England for families born from someone named Jack. Currently, Jaxon is a top 50 name though it originated in America in the 1990s.

Baby name Jaxon

Symbolism of the name Jaxon:

Jaxon has the same meaning as the baby name Jackson as it is just a spelling variation. It follows the popular trend of utilizing surnames as first names seen throughout America.

Style of the name Jaxon:


Gender of the name Jaxon:

Jaxon is a name for baby boys.

Pronunciation of the name Jaxon:


Number of syllables in the name Jaxon:


Emotion evoked from the name Jaxon:

Jaxon is a baby name that feels young, trendy, and cool. It is very informal and almost has a southern feel to it as well.

Alternative spellings for the name Jaxon:

Nicknames for the name Jaxon:

Popularity of the name Jaxon:

The baby name Jaxon became a top 1,000 name in 1997 at rank 862. In 2007, it quickly became a top 200 name and a top 100 name in 2010. As of the year 2013, it has remained a top 50 name for boys. In the year 2020, it ranked at number 48.

Related names for the name Jaxon:

Great middle names for Jaxon and their meanings:

  • Abel (breath, vapor)
  • Eli (high, elevated)
  • Seth (anointed, appointed, put)
  • Rhett (counsel, advice)
  • Thomas (twin)
  • Lane (path, roadway)
  • Dean (valley)
  • Isaac (one who laughs)

Famous people with the name Jaxon:

  • Jaxon Crabb (Australian soccer player)
  • Jaxon Shipley (NFL player, Cardinals)
  • Jaxon Beswick (actor, “Coronation Street”)
  • Jaxon (pen name of Jack Jackson, underground cartoonist)

Jaxons in popular culture:

There are no popular culture references for the baby name Jaxon at this time.

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