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Dean is an English name with a retro feel to it. The name was at its most popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s due in part to the fame of both James Dean and Dean Martin.

Meaning of the name Dean:

English: valley, leader/chief

Origin of the name Dean:

Dean is an English boy’s baby name that comes from either the Old English term “dene” meaning “valley” or the Middle English term “deen” meaning “chief of ten”.

Symbolism of the name Dean:

Valleys are symbols of safety and prosperity. They offer protection, sources of food and water, and the freedom to flourish.

Style of the name Dean:


Gender of the name Dean:

Dean is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Dean:


Number of syllables in the name Dean:


Emotion evoked from the name Dean:

Dean evokes feelings of loyalty and strength.

Alternative spellings for the name Dean:

Deen, Dene

Nicknames for the name Dean:

Dean has no common nicknames.

Popularity of the name Dean:

According to the Social Security Administration, Dean has been a popular boy’s name for more than a century. It reached peak popularity between 1956 and 1969 when it remained in the top 100 names.

Related names for the name Dean:

Great middle names for Dean and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Dean:

  • James Dean (American actor)
  • Dean Martin (American singer)
  • Dean Cain (American actor)
  • Dean Koontz (American author)
  • Dean McDermott (American television personality)

Deans in popular culture:

  • Dean Moriarty (literature, “On the Road” by Jack Kerouac)
  • Dean Winchester (television, “Supernatural”)
  • Dean Thomas (literature, Harry Potter series)
  • Dean Forester (television, “Gilmore Girls”)
  • Dean Domino (video games, “Fallout: New Vegas”)
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