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The name Axel may seem as if it would be more new-age, but it is actually a baby name that has a rich history. The name may have originally come from the Hebrew tradition in that it was formed out of the name Absalom. Others state, however, that the Christians in Scandinavian and Danish culture came up with the name after trying to make the name Absalom their own as well.

Meaning of the name Axel:

Hebrew: Father is peace
Old German: Father of peace
Swedish: Divine source of life
Scandinavian: My Father is peace

Origin of the name Axel:

The name Absalom is seen throughout the Bible, which may have given rise to Scandinavians to create the name, Axel. There could be a chance, however, that the name came from old Norse mythology, which is also popular among the Scandinavian culture. There was a name called “Asketill” in the old Norse traditions which meant god or kettle.

Symbolism of the Name Axel:

Absalom was actually the father of King David in the Bible, which is why the meaning of “father of peace” has so much significance. David was known for bringing peace to Israel and for beginning the lineage of Jesus in the Bible. The name is still extremely popular today, however, especially in countries like Germany or France. It is more commonly associated with a bold, rock-n-roll feel now though.

Style of Axel:

The style of the baby name Axel can be defined as traditional if looking at the Norse history or classical if considering the Hebrew meaning.

Gender of the Baby Name Axel

The gender of the baby name Axel is for a boy.

Pronunciation of Axel:


Number of Syllables in the Name Axel:

There are two syllables in the baby name Axel.

Emotione Evoked from the Name Axel:

The name Axel seems mischievous, which gives it a rough and tough emotion behind it.

Alternative Spellings of Axel:

  • Aksel
  • Axell
  • Axl 
  • Axil
  • Axill

Nicknames for the Name Axel:

  • Axe
  • Xel
  • Axes
  • Zel

Popularity of the Name Axel:

The name Axel only rose to the top 100 list in recent years in the year 2018 when it became number 94. The ranking for the name continues to improve though, with it now reaching number 72 on the list.

Related Names to Axel:

Great Middle Names for the Name Axel and Their Meanings:

  • Austin (great, magnificent)
  • Clark (scribe, secretary)
  • Damian (to tame, subdue, overcome, conquer)
  • Gideon (great warrior)
  • Hudson (son of Hugh)
  • Jed (beloved of the Lord)
  • Owen (young warrior, noble)
  • Ross (headland, promontory)
  • Tristan (bold)

Famous People with the Name Axel:

  • Axel Brauns (German filmmaker)
  • Axel Rodrigues de Arruda (Brazilian soccer player)
  • Axel Reymond (French swimmer)
  • Axel Rudi Pell (guitarist of Steeler)

The Name Axel in Movies/Pop Culture:

  • Axel (minor character on “The Walking Dead”)
  • Axel Heck (character on “The Middle”)
  • Axel Foley (character in Beverly Hills Cop)
  • Axel (character in book A Journey to the Center of the Earth)
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