There are lots of baby girl names that mean color, but if it's the color grey in particular that you're looking to honor, check out this list of girl names that mean grey. Each of these options — from Eerin to Matricia and every name in between, each option is unique and delightful. Take a look!

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  • Argenta Argenta comes from a Latin word that describes a material that looks like silver. Arie is just one of the nicknames that parents can use.
  • Arianell The name Arianell comes from a Welsh term for silver. Also spelled as Arianelle, it goes along with cute nicknames like Nellie or Nell.
  • Bahria Bahria can mean the blue and grey colors of the ocean or any other type of water. It also means beautiful and has Arabic roots.
  • Criselda An alternative to Griselda is Criselda, which also means a female warrior with grey hair. Parents can spell Criselda in different ways like Crisel.
  • Eerin Eerin is an Aboriginal name that means a grey owl. Though parents can also spell it as Erin, it then has a different meaning.
  • Fonti The name Fonti means a girl with grey or white/silver hair. This name is Greek and relates to other names like Fontilla and Foua.
  • Glaucia Glaucia is a classy name that means blue-gry. Though the name is popular in Portugal, it was also the name of a river god's daughter in Greek mythology.
  • Graylyn An Americanized version of a boy's name that means grey is Graylyn for girls. This name often relates to the pale colors of a farm.
  • Griswalda Parents who like the name Griselda but want something different might choose this one that also means grey. Griswalda has German origins.
  • Guisel Guisel is a classic fairy tale name that means a maiden with grey hair. Often used in Germany, Guisel can also stand for a strong female warrior.
  • Hiriwa Hiriwa is one of the few Polynesian names that stand for the color grey. It often refers to a woman with grey or silver hair.
  • Idessa The name Idessa means someone with grey hair and can also mean a woman with silver hair. Idessa has various nicknames such as Dessa.
  • Jumanah The name Jumanah refers to the brilliant color of a silver pearl. This name is a classic choice among Arabic families.
  • Lety Lety is a cute name that means from the grey castle. Many parents associate the name with the character from the Fast and Furious franchise.
  • Liadan Liaden has a fun and unusual sound, but the name also means a grey woman or a woman with silver hair. Lia is a common nickname for this Irish girl.
  • LillianLillian is an old-fashioned name gaining in popularity that means from the gray fortress or meadow. Lilly and Lili are cute nicknames for Lillian.
  • Lurlene Lurlene is a name with Scottish and English roots where it refers to a grey meadow. Some know the name as a character from The Simpsons.
  • Matricia A unique alternative to Patricia, Matricia means grey castle and also refers to a gift. Mattie is a fun nickname for the full girl's name.
  • Platinum Platinum is an unusual name that stands for a deep shade of grey. The name can also show that the parents think their daughter is as precious as platinum.
  • Rupa Rupa comes from an old word that means silver or grey. The Hindi name can also mean as beautiful as a silver object.
  • Seemaab Seemaab means silver in Urdu. Though this name is unique, it works with cute nicknames like Seem and Maybe.
  • Selde The name Selde stands for a powerful female warrior with grey hair. Selde has ancient roots where it also stood for a fight.
  • Selldis Though similar to the last name, Selldis means both grey and struggles. This name is popular with Swedish parents who struggled to have kids.
  • Tibba While it seems like a nickname, Tibba is a full name that means grey. Parents can also spell this girl's name as Tiba.
  • Yin Yin comes from an old Chinese name that means both grey and a woman with pale hair. This name is highly unique.

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