Kenzie is a unisex baby name that is a diminutive of Mackenzie. It means “handsome, fair” or “come into being”. Kenzie comes from the Scottish surname Mac Coinnich. It is rising in popularity as an alternative to the wildly popular name Mackenzie.

Meaning of the name Kenzie:

Scottish: handsome, fair, come into being

Origin of the name Kenzie:

Kenzie is a unisex baby name of Scottish origin that means “handsome, fair” or “come into being”. Kenzie is a diminutive of the name Mackenzie which comes from the Gaelic surname Mac Coinnich.

Symbolism of the name Kenzie:

Kenzie can be traced back to the Gaelic given name Coinneach. Coinneach Odhar was a 17th-century man rumored to be a seer and prophet that lived in Brahan Castle near Dingwall, Scotland.

Style of the name Kenzie:


Gender of the name Kenzie:

Kenzie is a unisex baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Kenzie:


Number of syllables in the name Kenzie:


Emotion evoked from the name Kenzie:

Kenzie evokes feelings of good humor and youth.

Alternative spellings for the name Kenzie:

Kenzy, Khenzie, Kenzhie

Nicknames for the name Kenzie:

Popularity of the name Kenzie:

According to the Social Security Administration, Kenzie is a popular unisex name. As a girl’s name, Kenzie has been on the top 1000 baby names list some 1994. It peaked at #244 in 2014. As a boy’s name, Kenzie has never appeared on the list.

Related names for the name Kenzie:

Great middle names for the name Kenzie and their meanings:



  • Hyacinth (blue larkspur, precious stone)
  • Mara (bitter)
  • Shiloh (tranquil)
  • Amaya (mother city, the end, night rain)
  • Dahlia (Dahl's flower)
  • Harlow (rock hill, army hill)
  • Esther (star)
  • Mae (bitter, pearl)

Famous people with the name Kenzie:

  • Kenzie Dalton (American actress)
  • Kenzie Ruston (American NASCAR driver)
  • Kenzie Hall (American pop singer)
  • Kenzie born Kim Yeon Jung (South Korean songwriter)
  • Mackenzie “Kenzie” Ziegler (American dancer)

Kenzie in popular culture:

  • Kenzie Calhoun (television, “Waterloo Road”)
  • Kenzie (television, “Game Shakers”)
  • Kenzie (toys, “My Scene”)
  • Kenzie Judd (television, “Coronation Street”)
  • Kenzie Schmidt (comics, “Fate/Universe”)