Fewer qualities are more respectable than loyalty. Instill this upstanding quality in your child by giving them a name that means as much. From Dillion to Buddy to Lyle, each of these baby names that mean loyal is beautiful and impactful. Take a look!

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  • Absalom This Hebrew name is popular for boys and was used for many years. The name means father or man of peace and also stands for loyalty.
  • Aminom Aminom is another Hebrew name with ancient roots. It is a boy's name that means loyal and comes from the word Amnon.
  • Bear Bear is a modern name that gained popularity after Jamie Oliver gave it to one of his sons. The name refers to the animal and means loyalty as bears are loyal to their families.
  • BuddyThough once used as a pet's name, Buddy is also a popular boy's name. This name brings to mind the idea of someone who is loyal and was originally used in the United States.
  • Besnik Besnik is an old name with a long history. Parents who have Albanian roots often choose this boy's name, which means loyalty.
  • Connelley Popularly used for boys and girls, this name means loyalty and has Irish roots. There are different ways to spell the name, which also means friendship.
  • Constantine Constantine is a boy's name that has Latin roots and was the name of a comic book character. In addition to being loyal, it can also mean someone who is steadfast and determined.
  • DamondFrom ancient Greece, this boy's name means loyal. Some shorten it to Damon and spelled in other ways.
  • Dhruv Also from Greece, Dhruv is a boy's name that means someone who is loyal. Greeks also used this word to describe someone known as faithful and true.
  • Dillion This unisex baby name has different specials such as Dylan. Though the name is Welsh and Irish, some parents choose it in honor of Dylan Thomas or Bob Dylan.
  • Etel Etel is a girl's name that means loyalty and comes from Spain. Some believe it relates to the name Ethel, which is the name of a woman from the Bible.
  • Ettore Meaning loyalty, Ettore is a classic Italian name. Parents more commonly give it to boys than girls and may shorten the name or change its spelling.
  • Hoaalohakup'a This is a unique unisex baby name from the old Hawaiian language. The name means a loyal friend who is loved by many.
  • Iman Originally used as a boy's name, Iman is now a unisex name made popular by athletes and models. It was originally an Indonesian name and translates to loyal in English.
  • Leal Leal is another unisex name that means loyal. This French name is similar to Leah and is more commonly used as a boy's name.
  • Lele Lele is the male version of Leal that began when the previous was still a girl's name. Some spell it Leal, but both spellings mean loyalty.
  • Luxman Luxman is a unique name for boys that means loyalty. It has Indian roots and means someone who is loyal to his family and friends.
  • LyleThe boy's name Lyle is both Scottish and English. Other spellings include Lyall and Lyel.
  • Loyal Meaning faithful, the name Loyal is suitable for boys and girls. The name also has a connection to the Boy Scouts.
  • ShelbyShelby started as a boy's name but is now also a girl's name. Shelby is a modern name that means loyal and has a connection to the Mustang car.
  • Shields Coming from an Irish word, Shields is suitable for boys and girls. Parents often choose this name to show that their babies will grow up to become loyal friends.
  • Sunrita Sunrita is a Sanskrit word that means loyal. It can also stand for someone who is kind and genuine, especially in how they treat others.
  • WarrenUsed as a boy's name, Warren means loyalty. The name comes from Germany and is both a first and last name.
  • Zeeno Zeeno is an African name suitable for all babies. In addition to loyalty, the name also means someone who is courageous.
  • Zhen A Chinese name that means loyal, Zhen is less popular than other names. It can also mean someone who is faithful to others.

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