Establish girl power from the start when you give your daughter one of these girl names that mean powerful. Matilda, Bernadette, Audrey … the list is vast and varied. Take a look and find the best name for your daughter.

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  • Maude An old-fashioned name meaning “battle-ready,” Maude was popular hundreds of years ago but rarely is used in modern times. The name has influences from a Tennyson poem.
  • Philomena This unusual name for girls means “lover of strength.” It is an earthy, spirited name of Greek origin.
  • AudreyMeaning “noble strength,” Audrey is one of the top 500 names for girls in the U.S. It has English origin and is related to the names Aethelthryth and Ethelreda.
  • ValentinaThis name means “strong or healthy.” It has a Latin origin and is a feminine version of the word Valentine.
  • MatildaMatilda means “battle-ready” and has a German origin. The name was introduced in the 11th Century and has been commonly used ever since.
  • Tetsu This name has Japanese origins. It is a girl's name that means “strong as iron.” This name is fun and modern.
  • Bernadette This name means “Strong as a bear.” It has a German origin. In 2020, 150 girls were named Bernadette.
  • Ire This name has Jamaican origin. It is easy to spell and pronounce with just two syllables. The name means “positive and powerful.”
  • Aaila This name for girls means “from the strong place.” It has Scottish Gaelic origin and is the diminutive form of the name Helga.
  • AdiraA Hebrew name meaning “strong,” Adira is a rare but beautiful name that also happens to be simple and laid back.
  • Valencia This beautiful name means “brave, strong.” It has Spanish origin. Girls named Valencia are strong-willed and often the foundation of their families.
  • Minka This cute name for girls means “strong-willed warrior.” It has a Polish background.
  • AubreyThis modern name for girls is fun and powerful per its meaning of “elf, elf power, magical being.” This name has an Old German origin.
  • Cyrene This name is a good pick for girls. It is sweet and subtle and has great meaning of “supreme power.” This name has a Greek origin.
  • Trudy A cute name for girls, Trudy means “spear of strength.” The name has a German origin. Girls named Trudy have an innocence about them.
  • Alsie Alsie is a name of Scottish origin. It means from the strong place.”
  • AlfredaThis three-syllable name means “elf power.” It has an Old English origin.
  • Gesine This name has German origin and means “strong as a spear.”
  • Limbani An unusual, cute name for girls, Limbani isn't one you will hear often. It means “be strong” and has a Chewa origin.
  • Yaman – This name has Turkish origins. It means “strong, stalwart.”
  • Haile This name can also be spelled Hailey, Hayley, and many other variations. It means “power, might” and has American and African origin.
  • Edrea This beautiful name for girls is not often heard, making it an original pick for parents. Ths name means “wealthy, powerful” and has Old English roots.
  • Karleen The name Karleen means “womanly strength.” It is the feminine version of the male name Karl and the diminutive forms of the names Carla and Carol. This name has Scandinavian origins.
  • Basiliah The name Basiliah has Arabic origin and means “brave, fearless.”
  • BrigitteThis name is common in the U.S. It means “strength, power” and has Old English origins.

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