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Alisson is a unique spelling option of the more popular Alison. It has the same origins, however, dating back to the French name Aalis. Alisson is a top 1,000 baby name in America at rank 915.

Meaning of the name Alisson:

English, French: noble, nobility

Origin of the name Alisson:

Alisson is a spelling variation of Alison. Alison was a diminutive for Aalis, the French name that formed Alice. Alison spread in popularity throughout England in the Middle Ages. Though it dropped in popularity for a while, Alison came back for good in the 1900s.

Symbolism of the name Alisson:

Alisson and Alison each come from the French name Aalis. Aalis was the shortened form of the Germanic Adalheidis. The word “adal” means “noble,” and “heid” translates to “kind,” “sort,” or “type.”

Style of the name Alisson:


Gender of the name Alisson:

Alisson is a wholesome name for girls.

Pronunciation of the name Alisson:


Number of syllables in the name Alisson:


Emotion evoked from the name Alisson:

Alisson is youthful and kind-hearted. It is a refined and traditional baby name.

Alternative spellings for the name Alisson:

Nicknames for the name Alisson:

Popularity of the name Alisson:

Alisson became a top 1,000 baby name in America in 2008 at rank 786. The name ranked highest in 2009 when it was at number 611. As of 2020, Alisson is still a top 1,000 option at rank 915.

Related names for the name Alisson:

Great middle names for Alisson and their meanings:

  • Rose (rose, a flower)
  • Christine (follower of Christ)
  • Kaye (rejoice, keeper of the keys, pure)
  • Jane (God is gracious)
  • Belle (beautiful)
  • Lillian (lily, a flower)
  • Hillary (cheerful, merry)
  • Virginia (maiden, virgin)

Famous people with the name Alisson:

Alissons in popular culture:

There are no fictional characters with the baby name Alisson.

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