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Joel was a popular name from the early Christian church as it referenced the minor prophet of the Old Testament. The name continued in popularity, even becoming a top 100 name for two decades in the 1960s. Though ranked right above the top 200 list now, it is still popular among celebrities and normal families alike.

Meaning and Origin of the name Joel:

Joel is a masculine name of Hebrew origin meaning “Jehovah is God.”

Joel comes from the Hebrew name Yo'el. The first Joel is a minor prophet from the Old Testament who was a mighty man of King David. There is even a book in the Bible named after him. The Puritans popularized this name during the 1500s as a first name for Christian boys.

Symbolism of the name Joel:

Joel has the same meaning as the Hebrew Yo'el. The Hebrew words yo and el, each refer to Jehovah or the Hebrew God, giving the meaning “Jehovah is God” breath.

Nicknames for the name Joel:

Even though Joel is a short name, there are different ways to shorten it even more. There are also nicknames that don't require Joel to be shortened. If you are looking for nicknames for the name Joel, then you'll like the list below.

  • Jojo
  • Joe
  • Jo
  • El
  • Joey 
  • Jozy
  • Jozie
  • Jozi

Style of the name Joel:


Gender of the name Joel:

Joel is a name for boys.

Pronunciation of the name Joel:


Number of syllables in the name Joel:


Emotion evoked from the name Joel:

Joel is a wholesome name that feels approachable and kind.

Alternative spellings for the name Joel:

  • Joael
  • Joell
  • Joayl
  • Joale

Popularity of the name Joel:

The baby name Joel became a top 200 name for boys in 1933. In 1967, the name reached the top 100 list until 1990. Up until 2019, the name was on the top 200 list again though. As of 2020, the name is slightly above at number 207.

Great middle names for Joel and their meanings:

  • Winston (joyful stone)
  • Abraham (father of many)
  • Everest (dweller on the Eure River)
  • Nehemiah (comfort of the Lord)
  • Simon (to hear)
  • Zaccheus (clean, pure)

Famous people with the name Joel:

  • Joel Madden (singer for band Good Charlotte)
  • Joel McHale (actor, “Community”)
  • Joel Smallbone (Christian singer)
  • Joel Hodgson (professional comedian)
  • Joel McCrea (actor, “Sullivan's Travels”)
  • Joel Grey (actor, “Cabaret”)
  • Joel Whitburn (author, “The Billboard Book of Top 40 Hits”)
  • Joel Robinson (character from “Mystery Science Theatre 3000”)
  • Joel Graham (character from “Parenthood”)
  • Joel Fleischman (character from “Northern Exposure”)
  • Joel Cairo (character from “The Maltese Falcon”)
  • Joel Miller (character from “The Last of Us” video game)
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