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Vladimir Putin is the first name that comes to mind because we see it in the news on a regular basis. Vladimir is a popular Slavic name popular in Russia, Ukraine, Poland, and other countries in that area.

Meaning of the name Vladimir

Renowned prince

Origin of the name Vladimir


Symbolism of the name Vladimir

Vladimir is opinionated and firm with his friendships. He works hard and is possessive and emotional. Vladimir is independent and curious by nature, and he is steadfast in his beliefs. He also tends to be talented in business analysis, marketing, and scientific research.

Style of the name Vladimir


Gender of the name Vladimir

Vladimir is a boy's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Vladimir


Number of syllables in the name Vladimir


Emotion evoked from the name Vladimir

Vladimir enjoys exploring the unknown and using his mental abilities to find the meaning of life. Vladimir wants to grow wise learning to understand people and his environment. He needs quiet moments of privacy to replenish his mental energy.

Alternative spellings for the name Vladimir

  • Wladimir

Nicknames for the name Vladimir

  • Vlad
  • Vladi
  • Vlada
  • Vlado
  • Vladko
  • Vladik

Popularity of the name Vladimir

Vladimir came on to the popularity chart in 1913. It stayed steady until about 1966 when it began to rise a little every year up to 1972. It stayed steady at that level through 1987. Then it started to slowly increase through 2019.

Related names for the name Vladimir

  • Waldomar
  • Uladzimir
  • Valdemar
  • Woldemars
  • Waldemar
  • Volodymyr

Great middle names for Vladimir and their meanings

  • Dmitry (follower of Demeter)
  • Jurgen (son of George)
  • Mikhail (who is like God)
  • Vardan (rose)
  • Yuri (light of God)

Famous people with the name Vladimir

  • Vladimir Nabokov (novelist)
  • Vladimir Kworykin (inventor)
  • Vladimir Kirillovich (Grand Duke of Russia)
  • Vladimire of Bulgaria (king of Bulgaria)
  • Vladimir Bogoyavlensky (bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church)
  • Vladimir Sabodan (head of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church)
  • Vladimire Kokovtsov (Russian politician)
  • Vladimir Lenin (Russian revolutionary)

Vladimirs in popular culture

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