From Alya to Ciela to Miku and beyond, this list of girl names that mean sky is filled with a variety of feminine and strong-sounding names. Explore the list and find a delightful option for your daughter.

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  • Aethra This is a pretty female name that can also be spelled Aithra. It is of Greek origin and means bright sky.
  • Ahana Here is a Japanese name that is pretty sounding for a girl. Sky flower is the meaning and it rolls easily off of the tongue.
  • Alya A girl's name that means “sky or heavenly”. It is of Arabic origin.
  • Amberley This name stems from 12th century England and is a stunning name for a little girl. It is a sky name meaning amber of the moon and sun.
  • Anila Here is a precious name that is rare and pretty for a baby girl. Of Hindi origin, it means “child of the wind”.
  • Anore Taken from the old Greenland name of Anori, this is a favorite girl's name in Japan. It means “wind in the sky”.
  • Amaterasu Amaterasu was a Japanese sun goddess and makes a very special name for a little girl. It means “heaven and sky”.
  • AraceliLatin American/Spanish roots designed this lovely girl name meaning “alter in the sky”. It is pronounced a-ra-SEH-lee.
  • AriaOne of the top 100 most popular girl names thanks to Game of Thrones. It is of Italian origin and means “air”.
  • Azurine A rich and classy French name that is perfect for your darling little girl. It means “sky blue”.
  • Breeze Short and sweet, Breeze is a memorable name for a girl. It is of English origin and stands for “light gentle wind”.
  • CelesteSpanish/French in origin, Celeste is a beautiful name for a baby girl. The meaning is “celestial or heavenly”.
  • Celine A female name that is super sophisticated and posh. Of French origin, it means “sky”.
  • Ciela A Spanish version of Celine for a baby girl. It means “from the sky”.
  • Dangira A rare girl's name that is only heard in Lithuania. A lovely reflection of the sky that is pronounced dahn-GHEER-ah.
  • Falak This Muslim girl's name is of Arabic origin. It is different, yet lovely, and means “strength, the sky”.
  • Iima Of Scandinavian origin, Iima is an unusual name for a baby girl. Meaning “the air”, it could be that special name you are seeking.
  • Indra Indra is of Sanskrit origin and is used in Hindu mythology. This is a nice female name with a strong Royal meaning of God of rain and sky.
  • IrisIris is of Hebrew origin and means “rainbow” in Greek. This is a special short name for a newborn girl.
  • Miku A short and cool name for your baby girl. Of Japanese origin, it means “beautiful sky”.
  • Nasema Rich and lovely, Nasema stems from Arabic roots. A nice-sounding name for a baby girl and means “breeze, fresh air”.
  • Nephele Of Latin and French origin, Nephele is a pleasing sounding female name. It means “cloudy skies”.
  • Seren Of Turkish origin, this is a sweet girl's name. It means “a star in the sky”.
  • Tadita Here is a pretty name of Native American origin for a little girl. It is a sky name that means “to the wind”.
  • TheaGreek in origin and lovely for a baby girl. The definition is “mother of the sun, moon, and dawn”.
  • Tsisana Of Georgian country origin, this is a special name for a baby girl. It means “of the sky”.
  • Zerua A rare and simple name, Zerua is perfect for a baby girl. Of Basque origin, it means “sky and heavens”.

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