From Lani to Hesper to Phoenix and beyond, this list of baby names that mean sky is filled a healthy selection of impactful options. Explore each name and find the perfect option for your child.

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  • Anan A boy's name that is only common in Ghana and along the Ivory Coast. It can mean “cloud” or “4th born child”.
  • Arundhati This is a beautiful girl name of Indian descent. Arundhati was the goddess of the sky and the stars.
  • Caelus This name can also be used as Caelum and is gender-friendly. It is Latin for the sky, heaven, or abode of the gods.
  • Cielo Simple and lovely, this name will suit a baby girl. It is of Spanish origin and means “sky”.
  • Esen A name that is unisex, Esen is Turkish in origin. “The windswept sky” is the meaning and describes the mood that can be calm or hurricane-like.
  • Gaganpreet Here is an unusual name that is hard to forget. Commonly used as a boy's name, it means “sky lover” and is Indian in origin.
  • Hesper Here is a memorable name that is gender-friendly for a baby boy or baby girl. It is of Greek origin and means “evening star”.
  • Inanna From Sumerian mythology, Inanna was the lady of the heavens and the goddess of love, war, and fertility. A very distinctive name for your baby girl.
  • IndigoOf English origin, this is a unisex name that fits either boy or girl. It represents the color of the night sky, dark and inky blue.
  • Indra Originating in the Sanskrit language, this name is fitting for both girls and boys. In Hindu mythology, it stands for rain and sky.
  • Leilana Of Hawaiian origin, this girl's name stands for “a flower that grows in the heavens”. A special tribute to a precious baby girl. :
  • Lani Lani is a unisex name in the Japanese and Hawaiian languages. Meaning “sky” and also “heaven”. A short, delightful name for a male or female baby.
  • Meriweather An English name for a boy that stems from Meriwether Lewis of Lewis and Clark Expedition. It means “happy weather”.
  • Moe This short and simple name is common among the Burmese countries where it originated. Its meaning is “sky and rain”.
  • Myrsky This boy's Finnish name was picked up after the World War II fighter aircraft, VL Myrsky, an aircraft in the Finnish Air Force. It means “sky”.
  • Naseem Of Arabic origin, Naseem is a unisex name that means “breeze”. The Turkey spelling for a male is Nesim.
  • Neven This uncommon Slavic name is acceptable for boys and girls. It means marigold or sky and is sweet-sounding.
  • PhoenixThis unisex name is lovely for either a girl or a boy. Greek in origin, it is a great sky name meaning “a constellation in the sky”.
  • Sepher A trendy name for either sex, Sepher is of Persian origin. It represents the sky and is a favorite of musical groups and producers.
  • Shu Simple and intriguing, Shu represents an Egyptian god with dry, warm air that is associated with the earth and the sky. A lovely, memorable name for a baby boy.
  • Sora A pretty Japanese name that can be used for a boy or girl. Is more common among boys and means “sky”.
  • TaliaA lovely girl's name of Hebrew descent. The meaning is “dew from heaven” and could make a wonderful name for a newborn female.
  • Tsisana A rare name from the country of Georgia and means forget me not flowers and blue skies. The perfect name for a special baby girl.
  • Zenith Of English origin, this name is well suited for a baby boy that is spiritual. Meaning “the point in the sky directly overhead”, has cosmic implications.
  • Zeus From Greek mythology, Zeus means “sky or shine” and represents the god of thunder and sky. This is a strong, courageous name for a new baby boy.

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