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Surnames as given names is a popular trend among new parents these days, and McCoy is one of the latest to make the cut. Since 2020, it's been one of the top baby names for boys in the United States. It comes with a couple of cute nicknames, and it kind of has a rugged feel to it, possibly thanks to an old family feud. Either way, the name has Irish origins, and it's a great choice for your little boy. Just be aware that it's probably going to become even more popular over the next few years.

Meaning of the name McCoy:

Irish: Fire, son of Aodh

Origin of the name McCoy:

McCoy most likely has both Scottish and Irish origins, and it's more common as a surname. It's derived from the Irish name Mac Aodha, which means “son of Aodh” and is also the old Irish word for “fire.” In Irish mythology, Aodh is the god of the underworld.

Symbolism of the name McCoy:

New parents may choose McCoy to honor their Irish roots or passion for the culture, or they may like the rugged symbolism it offers, thanks to the old Hatfield and McCoys feud. The meaning “fire,” may symbolize new parents' hopes that their little one grows up to be a fiery young man.

Style of the name McCoy:

Surname as a given name

Gender of the name McCoy:

McCoy is a boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name McCoy:


Number of syllables in the name McCoy:


Emotion evoked from the name McCoy:

The baby name McCoy evokes images of someone who has a strong value system and always seeks to do the right thing.

Alternative spellings for the name McCoy:

  • McKoy
  • MacCoy
  • Makcoy

Nicknames for the name McCoy:

  • Mack
  • Coy 
  • Mick
  • Mickey
  • Mackey

Popularity of the name McCoy:

According to the Social Security Administration, McCoy has been a top 1,000 baby name for boys in the United States since 2020. As of 2021, it ranks at number 818 on the list, and it appears to be on the rise.

Related names for the name McCoy:

Great middle names for McCoy and their meanings:

Famous people with the name McCoy:

  • McCoy Tyner (jazz musician)
  • McCoy McLemore (basketball player)
  • McCoy de Leon (actor and dancer)
  • Lander McCoy “Coy” Bacon (football player)

McCoy in popular culture:


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