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Franklin was a very popular name in the mid-1900s, it is also the name of the first African-American character in the “Peanuts” comic strip introduced in 1968 by Charles M. Schulz. His appearance in the popular comic came during a period of racial and civil unrest and was quite notable especially given that was the same year Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated. Some southern newspaper editors demanded that Franklin not appear in the same classroom as the other white characters; however, Schulz sat Franklin directly behind Peppermint Patty at school as an act of defiance and racial equality! Keep reading to find out more about this baby name.

Meaning of the name Franklin:

English: Free landholder

Origin of the name Franklin:

English. Franklin comes from the medieval English “Frankeleyn”, coming from the Anglo-Franco “fraunclein.” Its meaning is “landowner of free but not noble origin.”

Symbolism of the name Franklin:

Franklin truly symbolizes freedom, the name literally means free landholder. It also symbolizes of being of the people, they are free yet grasp to the values of a commoner.

baby name franklin

Style of the name Franklin:


Gender of the name Franklin:

Franklin is often considered a baby boy's name.

Pronunciation of the name Franklin:

f-rank-lin, fr(an)-klin

Syllables in the name Franklin:


Emotion evoked from the name Franklin:

The name Franklin evokes a feeling of loyalty, honor, and integrity.

Alternative spellings for the name Franklin:


Nicknames for the name Franklin:

Fran, Frank, Frankie, Franz, Frans

Popularity of the name Franklin:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Franklin was the 414th most popular boy name in 2020. It been in the top 500 most popular names since 2000.

Related names for the name Franklin:

Franklyn, Franco, Frederick, Francis

Great middle names for Franklin and their meanings:

  • Avery (Elf counsel)
  • Emery (home strength)
  • Jameson (son of James)
  • Marshall (caretaker of horses)
  • Pressley (Priest's meadow)
  • Thatcher (roof thatcher)

Famous people with the name Franklin:

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd President of the United States of America)
  • Franklin Chang-Díaz (mechanical engineer and physicist, former NASA astronaut)
  • Franklin Pierce (14th President of the United States of America)
  • Franklin Rosborough “Frank” Thomas (American animator and pianist)

Franklin in movies/pop culture:

  • Franklin (a character in the Peanuts comic strip)
  • Franklin(a character from the DC comics, also known as Sgt. Rock)
  • Franklin Clarke (character in Agatha Christie's The A.B.C. Murders)

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