The following list of Vietnamese baby names is filled with meaningful and colorful options. Some traditional, some more modern, some for girls and some for boys, all of these names are beautiful. Explore the meanings of each and select the perfect name for your child!

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  • An An or Anh can be used for male or female babies in Vietnam. The male meaning is “peace, safety, or brave hero”. The feminine translation is “peace, safety, or flower petal”. An is the third most popular girl's name in Vietnam.
  • Bianh Originated in Vietnam, this name is popular for either male or female infants. It means “to be average or being a part of something”.
  • Ca This well-known unisex Vietnamese name is popular within Asian countries. The translation is “the eldest or being born first”.
  • Dung A common name used in Vietnam, Dung can represent either male or female sex. To “be brave and heroic” is its meaning.
  • Duy Duy signifies “having a high set of morals” according to Vietnamese origin. This name is gender-friendly to both newborns of the male and female sex.
  • Ha Representative of a “flowing river or a mighty ocean”, Ha can be used as either male or female and is a strong name for newborns. Giang is another common name that signifies “river” for both sexes.
  • Hao Hao is the perfect name for a Vietnamese newborn of either sex. The name means “good or perfect” and hails the infant beautifully.
  • Hien This flattering Asian name can describe your baby girl or boy to a tee. “Gentle and quiet” is the ancient meaning of the name, Hein.
  • H*ng Huong – This is a soft female Vietnamese name that implies “pink rose”. It is popular in different parts of the country.
  • Kim A unisex name, Kim is quite common among the Vietnamese people. The male meaning is “golden or metal”. The female meaning is simply “golden”. There are many different versions of Kim throughout Vietnam, depending on the region.
  • Lan Lan ranks among the 21 most popular names in Vietnam. This honor is given to females. However, Linh is the male pronunciation and almost as popular. It means “flower”.
  • Le This is a simple name for both male and female babies in Vietnam. The meaning is “pearl”.
  • Nguyen Pronounced Nu-Win, this Vietnamese name is used for both boys and girls. It means “sleep”.
  • Nhung A charming unisex name for newborns, the translation is “velvet” for a soft and precious baby boy or girl.
  • Phuong Phuong is a fitting name for boys or girls. The intriguing meaning is “destiny”, or as a female, “myth phoenix”.
  • Quy This common Vietnamese name is used for either sex. It means “precious”.
  • Sang An unusual name for that special boy or girl. Sang translates into “noble one”.
  • Tai Some unisex names have different meanings depending on the sex. The male form of Tai means “weather, prosperous. The female form of Tai means “prosperous, talented”.
  • Tam Tam is another unisex name for Asian babies and has two different meanings per sex. Male Tam means “number eight” while female Tam means “heart”.
  • Thanh While Thanh can be accepted for male or female babies, the male name means “finished, sound, tone, or voice. The female translation is “bright blue”.
  • Thao A lovely sounding name for Vietnamese boys or girls, Thao means “courteous” in the male gender, and “respectful of parents” in the female gender.
  • Trang The most common name in the Vietnamese language, Trang is used by males and females. It represents a male as “honorable” and a female as “intelligent and beautiful.
  • Tu This simple name is two-fold with the male meaning “tree”, and the female meaning “star”. This is a good wholesome name for either sex.
  • VanVan has only recently become popular in Viet Nam. Interchangeable with the sexes, it means “cloud”.
  • Xuan A strong popular name, Xuan is used for both sexes. The meaning is “spring or springtime”.

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