Some people are born natural explorers with a rare curiosity. If that's what you're envisioning for your little one, then consider one of these baby names that mean explorer. Each option includes origin and meaning, and every single one is beautiful and unique. Take a look!

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  • Igashu A Native American name meaning “wanderer,” Igashu is a name for boys.
  • Dinand The name Dinand means “bold voyager.” It is of German and Dutch origin. It is an unusual name but one that is domineering and powerful.
  • Makaika A cool name for girls of Hawaiian origin, this name means “explorer.” Girls named Makaika are genuine, caring, and successful.
  • Zita The name Zita is uncommon, bold, and daring. It means “the seeker” and has Spanish origins. It is a cute name for girls when parents want a name inspired by exploring and explorers.
  • Arvad – Derived from Hebrew origin, the name Arvad means “wanderer.”
  • Pathin A name for boys meaning “traveler,” Pathin has Indian origins where its most often used in the Hindu religion.
  • Lokachari Meaning “wanderer of the earth,” Lokachari has Latin origins. This name is unique, fun, and good for boys and girls.
  • Yayati Yayati is a three-syllable name for girls used in the Hindu religion. It means “traveler.” This name is unique and fun.
  • Dwade A name most often used for boys, Dwade means “dark traveler.” The unusual name has an English origin.
  • Tesplora Tesplora means “explore” in Maltese. It is an original name that is suitable for a girl or a boy. It has three syllables.
  • Nocona Nocona is a cool-sounding, unique name that means “wanderer.” It has Native American origins.
  • Sutapa A three-syllable name most commonly used for girls, Sutapa means “seeker of God.” This name is used in the Hindu religion.
  • ChaseMost often associated with a boy's name, Chase means “to hunt.: It's a common, casual, and cool name.
  • Rome A city in Italy, Rome is also a boy's name meaning “to roam,” a perfect choice for parents wanting a name inspired by explorers.
  • Chasen Another version of the name Chase is Chasen. It is more modern and less common than the name Chase but an enthusiastic and exciting name for girls and guys.
  • Phat A unisex baby name of Vietnamese origin, Phat means “to travel, wanderer.” The name is rarely heard of in the U.S.
  • Ghedi The name Ghedi means “sojourner, traveler.” The name has a Hindu origin.
  • Tutkia A unique name meaning “explorer,” Tutkia has Finnish origins. This two-syllable name is not often heard in the states.
  • Aayan The name Aayan means “journey.” It has Turkish origins. It is a two-syllable, cool-sounding name for boys and girls.
  • Dagfari A name used by the Nordic, Dagfari is a unique name meaning “one who travels by day.” It is a unisex name most often used for boys.
  • Walabart The unusual name has English origins. It is a form of the name Albert and means “wanderer.”
  • Ilgiz This Russian name means “traveler.” It is an easy-to-spell, uncommon name for boys.
  • Mhambi In Zulu, Mhambi means “traveler.” It is rarely heard in the U.S.
  • Mareesha This name means “traveler.” It is used in the Hindu religion.
  • Ajo A short, simple two-syllable name, Ajo means “one who experiences favorable travels.” It has Yoruba origin.

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