Pink is one of the most popular colors. It's bright, vibrant, and provides an uplifting hue. Invoke those same qualities in your child by giving them a name of that meaning. This list of baby names that mean pink is filled with options for both girls and boys. Take a look!

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  • Manik A name often given to a boy, Manik means “a light of pink.” It has a Sanskrit origin.
  • Clover The name of a flower, Clover is also a name for girls and boys. It has German origins. Clover means “she who clings lovely.”
  • Pinkay Most often used as a name for girls, Pinkay means “something pink in color” and “always happy.” It is a name that is unique and fun to say.
  • Golnaz This Persian name means “pink flower.” It can be used to name a girl or boy, though primarily serves as a name for boys.
  • RoseA feminine name resembling the flower of the same name, Rose has Old English origins and means “famous man.”
  • Almog Almog is a name that means “pink coral.” It has a Scandinavian origin.
  • Hong The name Hong has Vietnamese origin. It means “pink, rosy.
  • Saindhava For a truly unique name meaning “Himalayan pink rock salt,” Saindhava is a perfect choice. This name hails from Indian origin.
  • Dianthus — good name for girls and boys, Dianthus means “flower.” It comes in several beautiful shades of pink and a few shades of violet. The name has Greek origins.
  • LinneaThis girl’s name is sweet and feminine. The name means “small pink mountain flower.” It has Scandinavian origins.
  • Bellerose A combination of the names Belle and Rose, Bellerose is a pretty, feminine name for a precious little girl. The name has Old English and French origins and means “beautiful rose.”
  • Kamal This name means “pink colored lotus.” It symbolizes purity and most often is given to a girl. The name has Indian origins.
  • Varda A name of Hebrew origin, Varda is uncommon and strong. It is commonly used as a name for girls and means “pink or rose.”
  • Allium A good choice as a gender-neutral name, Allium means “pink-colored flower.” It has Latin origins and symbolizes good luck.
  • Clematis This name works as a name for girls and boys. It is not commonly used, so the child has a unique name. Clematis originates from Greek origin and means “pink-shaded flower.”
  • Mio The name Mio means “beautiful cherry blossom.” It has Japanese origins and is a unisex name.
  • Pembe This Turkish name means “pink.” It is not common, meaning a girl can enjoy having a unique name. It can also serve as a name for boys.
  • Kulap This name means “rose.” The name is popularly used in Thai and has Persian origins.
  • CallaMost commonly used as a name for girls, Calla means “beautiful.” Its often associated with the color pink as it has a pure, simple sound.
  • Amaranth This name means “shade of pink, almost like purple.” It is of Greek origin and the name can be given to a girl or boy.
  • PearlThe name Pearl means “smooth, round bead.” Some pearls are pink in color. The pearl is popular as jewelry and symbolizes a sweet, charming girl. It has an English origin.
  • Momorio A common name used in Japan, Momorio means “peach color,” the closest option to pink in the country.
  • Roz The name Roz means “pink” in Romanian. It is not uncommon but not as popular as other names. It is primarily used as a boy’s name.
  • Ancy Often used as a name for girls, Ancy means “pink” in the Tatar language. It is fun to say, feminine and delicate, just like any precious girl.
  • Ruzova A unique name for a girl that can be used to name a boy, Ruzova means “pink” in the Slovak language.

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