To impart on your child a name that conjures delicate and subdued vibes, consider any of these baby names that mean flower. From Lita to Talesi and every name in between, these names are beautiful and befitting any new life.

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  • Hinata Hinata is a Japanese boy's name with floral connotations. This name means “sunflower.” Hinata Hyuuga is a character from “Naruto” that eventually married the titular character. In the language of flowers, a tall sunflower conveys haughtiness while a short sunflower conveys adoration.
  • Ixora Ixora is a Hindi girl's name involving flowers. The ixora is a tiny red flower that is commonly used in various religious observances in the Hindu faith.
  • Jessamine Jessamine is a florid Spanish girl's name. This name happens to mean “jasmine.” In the language of flowers, white jasmine meant sweet love or amiability while yellow jasmine was used to complement the recipient by commenting upon their grace and elegance.
  • Jolanda Jolanda is an florid Italian girl's name. This name means “violet.” In the language of flowers, violets mean faithfulness, modesty and watchfulness.
  • KalinaKalina is a Polish girl's name related to flowers. This name happens to mean “flower.”
  • Kunal Kunal is a Sanskrit boy's name connected to plants. This name means “lotus.”
  • LeilaniLeilani is a beautiful and botanical girl's name from Hawaiian. This name means “child of heavenly flower.”.
  • Lita Lita is a Hebraic girl's name bound to flowers. The name actually means “flower garden.” In the English '90s localization of “Sailor Moon,” the localizers changed Sailor Jupiter's name of Kino, meaning “wood field” to “Lita,” showing a surprising degree of accuracy.
  • LinneaLinnea is a Scandinavian girl's name tied to flowers. This name means “twin flower.”
  • Madelief Madelief is a florid Dutch girl's name. This name means “daisy.” In the language of flowers, daisies convey innocence, a loyal love or a refusal to tell a secret.
  • Magadhi Magadhi is a Hindi girl's name bound to flowers. This name literally means “aromatic jasmine.”
  • Mawar Mawar is a botanical girl's name in Urdu. This name means “rose.” In the language of flowers, a red rose was a symbol of love, a dark crimson rose expressed mourning, pink roses meant happiness, white roses meant innocence or a feeling of worthiness to the recipient and yellow roses indicated jealousy, diminished love or even infidelity.
  • Muguet Muguet is a florid French name for girls. This name “lily.” In the language of flowers, a white lily was symbolic of chastity and purity, a yellow lily meant joyousness, an orange lily was a symbol of hatred and a tiger lily conveyed wealth or pride.
  • Poviyemo Poviyemo is a unisex flower name of Native American sourcing. This name means “falling flower.”
  • Ren Ren is a flowery name for either gender than can either be a diminutive form of Rene or a Japanese name. This name can mean either “water lily” or “lotus,” even though both plants are known to bloom along the surface of a body of water. In the language of flowers, the flower portion of a lotus symbolizes enlightenment, purity, rebirth or self-regeneration.
  • Risay Risay is a florid boy's name from Arabic. This name can either mean “black rose” or “beloved one.” Whether you are a romantic or happen to fancy yourself a Goth, Risay might be a fine name for your little boy.
  • RhodesRhodes is a Greek boys name connected to greenery. This name means “where roses grow.”
  • Saroj Saroj is a floral unisex in Hindi. This name can mean “lotus” or “vermilion.”
  • Shatrevar Shatrevar is a Persian boy's name involving plants. This name means “flower.” This name is also where the English name “Trevor” originates from.
  • Sheroze Sheroze is a floral boys name in Urdu. This name means “king of roses.” It should be pronounced “sheh-ro-zay.”
  • Shirish Shirish is a Hindi boy's name involving plants. This name can mean either “flower” or “rain tree.”
  • Talesi Talesi is a Native American boy's name connected to flora. This name means “cornflower.” Despite its name, the cornflower is actually an attractive blue in its coloration.
  • Tsvetan Tsvetan is a Bulgarian boy's name tied to greenery. This name is the Bulgarian word for “flower” and is pronounced “zvet-ahn.”
  • Vared Vared is a florid boy's name from Hebrew. This name means “rose.”
  • Zahur Zahur is an Urdu boy's name involving flowers. Specifically, this name means “flower that smells lovely.”

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