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Rhodes is an attractive baby name for boys or girls. It comes from either England or Greece, where it was a surname. As of 2022, Rhodes is now a top 1,000 name in the United States.

Meaning and Origin of the Name Rhodes:

The baby name Rhodes was originally a surname. It was for families who lived in a town that used the Old English word “rod” in its title. Some believe, however, that the surname transferred to England from Greece. Rhodes did not become a first name option in America or anywhere else in the world until the last couple of centuries. The name means “cleared land”.

Symbolism of the Name Rhodes:

The baby name Rhodes means “cleared land”. This definition comes from the Old English word “rod”. Any town that used “rod” in its title had the same interpretation. The surname Rhodes, and the first name, therefore, also received the translation.

Nicknames for the Name Rhodes:

There aren't a ton of nicknames that can be derived from Rhodes, but fortunately prospective parents do have options. The best nicknames for Rhodes are:

  • Ro
  • Ro Ro
  • Rho
  • Rho Rho
  • Rhodie
  • Rhody
  • Odie
  • Odes
  • Rhoey
  • Dez
  • R.D.
  • R.H.

Style of the Name Rhodes:


Gender of the Name Rhodes:

Rhodes is a unisex baby name, but it is slightly more popular among males.

Pronunciation of the Name Rhodes:


Number of Syllables in the Name Rhodes:


Emotion Evoked From the Name Rhodes:

Rhodes feels wholesome and strong. It is a noble baby name.

Alternative Spellings for the Name Rhodes:

  • Rhoades
  • Rhods
  • Rhoads
  • Roades
  • Roads

Popularity of the Name Rhodes:

According to the Social Security Administration, Rhodes is now a top 1,000 name as of 2022. This is the first time the name has appeared on the list in the 21st century. The name ranked at 922 that year.

Great Middle Names for Rhodes and Their Meanings:

  • Skyler (sky, cloud)
  • McKenzie (comely, child of the wise leader, born of fire)
  • Nicole (people of victory)
  • Lane (path, roadway)
  • Gentry (nobility of character)
  • Harrison (son of Harry)
  • Jenson (son of Jan, God is gracious)
  • Weston (western town)

Famous People with the Name Rhodes:

  • Rhodes Emilio (son of Sara Gilbert)
  • Rhodes Watson (son of Emma Watson)
  • Vice Chancellor Rhodes (character from “The 100”)
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