Charmaine is one of those names that sounds like it could have been around since ancient times, but it also has a modern flair. That may be why it's hard to pin down its exact origin story. Either way, a Broadway play came out with a character named Charmaine during the 1920s, and after that, Charmaine's popularity exploded in the United States. Pair it with a current middle name to bring it into the 2020s.

Meaning of the name Charmaine:

Greek: Luck
Latin: Singer
English: Charm
German: Free man

Origin of the name Charmaine:

The exact origin of the baby name Charmaine is unknown, though there are several theories. Some say it's a name that dates back to Ancient Greece, and it means “luck.” Others believe it's a Latin name that means “singer.” Some believe it was born out of the English word “charm.” Finally, some believe it is a derivative of the baby name Caroline, which means “free man.”

Symbolism of the name Charmaine:

Charmaine's symbolism will likely have something to do with which meaning you like best. It could possibly be a symbol of good luck, a musical life, or a charmed life.

Style of the name Charmaine:


Gender of the name Charmaine:

Charmaine is a girl's namee.

Pronunciation of the name Charmaine:


Number of syllables in the name Charmaine:


Emotion evoked from the name Charmaine:

The baby name Charmaine evokes images of someone who is stylish and beautiful and enjoys making others feel good about themselves.

Alternative spellings for the name Charmaine:

  • Charmain
  • Charmane
  • Charmayne
  • Sharmaine
  • Sharmane

Nicknames for the name Charmaine:

  • Char
  • Chari
  • Charm
  • Charmie
  • Charmy

Popularity of the name Charmaine:

According to the Social Security Administration, Charmaine was a top 1,000 baby name for girls between 1927 and 1993. It was most popular in 1952 when it ranked at number 331. It last ranked at number 983 in 1993.

Related names for the name Charmaine:

Great middle names for Charmaine and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Charmaine:

Charmaine in popular culture:

  • Charmaine (character in the play “What Price Glory?”)
  • “Charmaine” (song by rapper Plan B)
  • Charmaine(character on the TV shows “A Different World” and “The Cosby Show”)
  • Charmaine Craine (character on the TV show “United States of Tara”)