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Carmen is a name that feels tropical and full of life. It comes from Spanish culture, originated around the time of the Middle Ages. Carmen is still a top 500 name in America, and has been on the Social Security Popularity Index since the beginning.

Meaning of the Name Carmen

The baby name Carmen was created during Medieval times and means poem. It was the Spanish version of the name Carmel, which comes from the Hebrew word “karmel” meaning “garden.” “Karmel” was actually a mountain in ancient Israel. The baby name and mountain name may have received influence, however, from the Latin word “carmen” which means “song.”

Carmen could mean “garden” if you focus on the Mountain Karmel that the name originates from. If focusing on the influence of the Latin word that is actually “carmen,” however, it means “song” or “poem.”

Nicknames for Carmen

Carmen feels flavorful, tropical, and international. It is full of life, extravagant, and even feisty and deserves a proper nickname to accompany it. Below, we've compiled a list of nicknames to help get you inspired:

  • Car car
  • Carm
  • Cammie
  • Cammy
  • Cami
  • Carms
  • Memmy
  • Car
  • Army
  • Armen

Carmen Name Details

Style: Traditional

Gender: Neutral

Pronunciation: KAHR-men

Syllables: Two

Alternative Spelling for Carmen

  • Karmen
  • Carmyn
  • Carmin
  • Karmin
  • Karmyn 

Carmen Name Popularity

The baby name Carmen has been on the top 200 list from 1927 to 1930, 1936, 1941, and from 1949 to 1981. Throughout most of the last century, it has been a top 300 name. In recent years, Carmen is a top 500 name, however, and in 2020, it ranked at 433.

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Great Middle Names for Carmen and Their Meanings

Famous People Named Carmen

  • Carmen Electra (actress, “Baywatch”)
  • Carmen Miranda (actress, “That Night in Rio”)
  • Carmen McRae (jazz singer)
  • Carmen Rasmusen (country music singer)
  • Carmen Kass (professional model)
  • Carmen Millier (rock singer)
  • Carmen Maura (actress, “Volver”)
  • Carmen Whelan (rhythmic gymnast)
  • Carmen (main character from “Carmen” opera)
  • Carmen San Diego (character from video game “Carmen San Diego”)
  • Carmen Lopez (character from “The George Lopez Show”)
  • Carmen (character from “The Color of Money”)
  • Carmen Tibideux (character from “Glee”)
  • Carmen Wood (character from “Blackwood Security” series)
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