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Natalia was originally reserved for girls who were born on Christmas day throughout Europe in countries such as Russia, France, Italy, and even Portugal. It is a more exotic version of the name Natalie, giving off a much stronger feeling. The name is a perfect name for your daughter if she is born near Christmas, but it is a strong name for any other time of year too.

Meaning of the name Natalia:

Italian: born on Christmas day
Latin: birthday, birthday of the Lord

Origin of the name Natalia:

Natalia comes from the Latin word “natalis.” “Natalis” is the word for “birthday,” specifically the birthday of Jesus. Natalia came about to become a name for girls who were born on the same day that Jesus was born, Christmas day.

Symbolism of the name Natalia:

The religion of Christianity claims that Jesus Christ was born on December 25, which is Christmas day. In the Christian tradition, the church wanted a name for daughters who were born on the same day. This is where the name Natalia came from as it was a play on the Latin “natalis.”

baby name Natalia

Style of the name Natalia:

The style of the baby name Natalia is classical.

Gender of the name Natalia:

Natalia is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Natalia:

na-TA-lya, na-TA-lee-a, or ne-TAHL-ee-e

Number of syllables in the name Natalia:

Natalis is a baby name comprised of three syllables.

Emotion evoked from the name Natalia:

Natalia is a very strong name for baby girls without negating a certain level of femininity. It is quirky too as it is a more unusual name.

Alternative spellings for the name Natalia:

  • Natallia
  • Natallya
  • Natalya

Nicknames for the name Natalia:

Popularity of the name Natalia:

Natalia entered the Social Security Index for America in the year 1925 at number 911. In 2001, the name was put on the top 200 list until2019, briefly entering the top 100 list in 2010 at number 98 and 2006 at number 94. As of 2020, the name is in the top 100 list again at number 84.

Related names for the name Natalia:

Great middle names for Natalia and their meanings:

Famous people with the name Natalia:

  • Natalia Tena (actress, “Harry Potter”)
  • Natalia Livingston (actress, “General Hospital”)
  • Natalia “Natalie” Wood (actress, “West Side Story”)
  • Natalia Fedner (professional fashion designer)
  • Natalia Dyer (actress, “Stranger Things”)

Natalias in popular culture:

  • Natalia Katkov (character in “The Luzhin Defence”)
  • Natalia (character in “A Sword to the Heart”)
  • Natalia Kora (character in game “Resident Evil: Revelations 2”)
  • Natalia Boat Vista (character on “CSI: Miami”)
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